Commit 891513b7 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel

paraview: update for a crash fix

Also updates it to past 5.0.0-RC1.
parent bbada7db
# We hardcode the version numbers since we cannot determine versions during
# configure stage.
set (pv_version_major 4)
set (pv_version_minor 4)
set (pv_version_major 5)
set (pv_version_minor 0)
set (pv_version_patch 0)
set (pv_version_suffix)
set (pv_version_suffix -RC1)
set (pv_version "${pv_version_major}.${pv_version_minor}")
if (pv_version_suffix)
set (pv_version_long "${pv_version}.${pv_version_patch}-${pv_version_suffix}")
......@@ -112,9 +112,9 @@ if(USE_PARAVIEW_master)
GIT_TAG master)
# updating to ParaView master of 10 Nov 2015
# updating to ParaView master of 13 Nov 2015
GIT_TAG 7e488ff919ae0e01f948c5ec878e7a85f712bf06)
GIT_TAG 4f7ebb9d71db3330ea4ad7287161ad32c48d4703)
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