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Merge branch 'updatingReadMe' into 'master'

BUG: XCode 8 warning

Added a comment pertaining to issue w/r XCode 8 and OpenCV

See merge request !196
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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Though CMB is relatively simple to build itself, it does depend on a several lib
* ninja or make - note that for Windows build you will need to have ninja installed
* Checkout of the [CMB SuperBuild Git Repo](
* C++ Compiler
* XCode 7.1 or greater
* XCode 7.1 or greater - **Note if using XCode 8.x you will need the 10.11 SDK (there is an issue with QuickTime and OpenCV)**
* GCC 4.8
* Visual Studio 2013 64 bit
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