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      smtk: netcdf/hdf5 via moab · fcf928f2
      Ben Boeckel authored
      ParaView depends on netcdf optionally, but if it is enabled, netcdfcpp
      also needs enabled. Given this initial setup:
        - ENABLE_smtk=ON
      netcdf is enabled implicitly in the first pass to build the graph.
      ParaView doesn't know this (smtk is processed after paraview), so it
      cannot add the dependency. On the second pass, it sees that netcdf is
      enabled and requests netcdfcpp, but it was pruned from the graph since
      it didn't appear the first time and therefore errors out.
      To fix this, make smtk depend on netcdf/hdf5 via moab. But also depend
      optionally so that smtk can know about it if the superbuild has them
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