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    • Aron Helser's avatar
      Merge topic 'shortcut_window_activate' · 33f08d7d
      Aron Helser authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      df5ccd17 Enable shortcuts for widgets selected through a domain.
      86830a60 Enable shortcuts when changing views.
       Make shortcuts active in the entire window by default.
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6110
    • Julien Fausty's avatar
      VTK: fix GenerateEnclosure for vtkWarpScalar · 061d4c68
      Julien Fausty authored
      * Julien Fausty: 'warp scalar enclosure fix'
        * 72c8e3036b TestWarpScalar: fix scalars attribution in generate enclosure test
        * 01eceb83fc vtkWarpScalar: fix double apply generate enclosure bug
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9833
    • Thomas Galland's avatar
      Merge topic 'bumpForZSpaceModule' · 5592cc97
      Thomas Galland authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
       VTK: Add zSpace VTK module
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Timothee Chabat's avatarTimothee Chabat <timothee.chabat@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Mathieu Westphal's avatarMathieu Westphal <mathieu.westphal@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6113
    • Aron Helser's avatar
      Enable shortcuts for widgets selected through a domain. · df5ccd17
      Aron Helser authored
      Search proxy properties for widgets shortcuts - which needs to
      include proxies selected via a vtkSMProxyListDomain.
      Factor out the common code also used for search box tags.
    • Mathieu Westphal's avatar
      Merge topic 'docker_updates' · 4a08018d
      Mathieu Westphal authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      18ebd3f0 ci: update to include OpenXR and Qt5 Multimedia
      8d53a67e ci: Add openxr to fedora docker image
      4a810fe4 ci: remove openturns from fedora35 ci docker image
       ci: add qt5-multimedia to fedora35 for testing
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Timothee Chabat's avatarTimothee Chabat <timothee.chabat@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6102
    • Thomas Galland's avatar
      VTK: Add zSpace VTK module · 5fca5be9
      Thomas Galland authored
      VTK-specific classes of the zSpace plugin had been moved to a dedicated zSpace module.
      This bump allows the remaining classes in the plugin to use them.
      * Thomas Galland: 'zSpaceVTKIntegration'
        * 27ad5ad6d2 Add CI exception - zSpace
        * 4eabb78452 Add the VTK zSpace module
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9602
      * Spiros Tsalikis: 'fix explicit structured grid deep copy'
        * 3baca77384 Test vtkExplicitStructuredGrid::DeepCopy
        * 1221e4f3cb vtkExplicitStructuredGrid: Fix DeepCopy
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9831
      * Ben Boeckel: 'testing python deprecation'
        * 10e10ffc12 vtkModuleTesting: fail Python tests on deprecation warnings
        * e648a62857 unittest: replace deprecated `failUnlessEqual` calls
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9834
      * Ben Boeckel: 'ci osmesa wheels'
        * 6f3f8b2956 ci: update test exclusions to cover OSMesa wheel testing too
        * 3a78f59d6e Documentation: add release note for OSMesa wheels
        * 693b445dec vtkMatplotlibMathTextUtilities: guard deletion of `Interpreter`
        * 815fca07ea gitlab-ci: require testing to succeed for wheel uploads
        * c84cbfb107 Merge branch 'ci-osmesa-wheels-release' into ci-osmesa-wheels
        * c7cdc16288 gitlab-ci: add jobs for OSMesa wheels
        * bb2a80001b ci: support alternative wheel names in SDK archives
        * 87fed91890 ci: add a script to extract the OSMesa build
        * ...
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9820
      * Yohann Bearzi: 'threaded writer opti'
        * a5be29f7d2 vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: adding a .md file
        * b966f916b8 vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: encapsulating the thread worker
        * 78c090c001 vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: renaming Worker to Invoker
        * 0c4cdaf13e vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: changing SetNumberOfThreads behavior
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9825
      * Ben Boeckel: 'rendering tk dead code removal'
        * cf4a98912b Rendering/Tk: use `nullptr` in some more places
        * 97cf16c8dc Rendering/Tk: remove VTK_PYTHON_BUILD symbol
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9829
      * Ben Boeckel: 'banesullivan master patch 29335'
        * 1a74caafa5 Add VTK_VERSION_SUFFIX and VTK_DIST_NAME_SUFFIX for wheel name modification
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9674
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'fix objreader segfault'
        * 4b7d53504b vtkOBJReader: avoid a possible null buffer access
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9827
      * David Gobbi: 'temp'
        * f976ccba89 Fix Rendering clang tidy warnings
        * feaf54ce89 Fix RenderingTk inclusion of .cxx files
        * 31065669ce Perform a render when vtkTkRenderWidget is shrunk
        * edea14e455 Change search path for vtkRenderingTk library
        * c33cd5317d Enable VTK_USE_TK in linux testing
        * 06f6fc0196 Remove obsolete FindTCL.cmake in favor of CMake's
        * 3f944e5972 Fix RenderingTk compilation
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9819
      * Ben Boeckel: 'ci openxr runtime package'
        * e3d7eaec6c gitlab-ci: use new CI image with OpenXR runtime
        * c90f533659 ci: add `openxr` runtime package to the CI image
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9824
      * David Gobbi: 'wrapper sprintf bufsize'
        * 8758f07686 Fix snprintf buffer size in vtkParseHierarchy
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9826
      * Christos Tsolakis: 'import abort openturns'
        * 90b47852ed Add abort to OpenTURNS filters
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9778
      * Christos Tsolakis: 'import abort modeling'
        * 770fd3d1e9 Add abort to SMP filters
        * 0d3efb08ba Add abort to Modeling filters
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9777
      * Yohann Bearzi: 'threaded writer'
        * 1bca529f36 vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: new utility
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9804
      * Ben Boeckel: 'docker updates'
        * 4b4ab81bb3 gitlab-ci: use new CI image
        * 8ebf46ae66 Add tkinter, tcl-devel, tk-devel to Dockerfile
        * d8d7d128de ci: Add openxr on fedora docker
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9823
      * David Gobbi: 'deprecate no x resize'
        * 02a28a4aae Deprecate vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow::SetSizeNoXResize
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9815
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'fix compute bounds compilation error'
        * 5f701e9529 vtkBoundingBox: Add ComputeBounds with all id types
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9794
      * Ben Boeckel: 'minor fixups'
        * d5bf873b80 vtkSMPSelection: wrap error message
        * 7ed7fdf631 new-release: sync with reality
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9816
      * David Gobbi: 'fix no x resize'
        * 215c1b552f Fix accidental breakage of interactive X resizing
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9813
      * David Gobbi: 'patch/web import'
        * 95efe3df63 Add vtkmodules/web/errors.py
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9814
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'hide using warning'
        * 0f4d936f43 Fix XR/VR related warnings
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9757
      * Ben Boeckel: 'update to v9.2.3'
        * d328c31ec8 release: clarify Python 3.11 support note
        * c52bb7fb56 release: note that 9.2.3 added some bits
        * de1181c510 release: wrap long lines
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9808
      * Ben Boeckel: 'cdash https'
        * 1364e8465b Change CTEST_DROP_METHOD from http to https
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9802
      * Ben Boeckel: 'web extra deps'
        * e81740d16d Web/Python: handle missing dependencies gracefully
        * e1e494deb9 Wep/Python: move Python dependencies to extras_require
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9727
      * Ben Boeckel: 'update vtk xdmf2 hdf5'
        * e81a2fecc8 Workaround using 1.13.1 in provided hdf5
        * 8701b90c78 Xdmf2: Update HDF5 driver for 1.13.2
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9690
      * Julien Fausty: 'fix rdp strategy'
        * 69a92b754b fix iterator manipulation in vtkToImplicitRamerDouglasPeuckerStrategy
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9800
      * Timothee Chabat: 'fix output table fft'
        * 3801771a87 vtkTableFFT: drop columns instead of squeeze them
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9772
      * Ben Boeckel: 'test python 3.11 on windows'
        * 1fd7e6f087 ci: update Python requirements
        * 9f1507555c ci: use Python 3.11 on Windows
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9593
      * Ben Boeckel: 'ci arch tags'
        * 7ae3b4f132 Merge branch 'ci-arch-tags-release' into ci-arch-tags
        * 9b2769b96d gitlab-ci: remove `linux-3.17` tag
        * b4b1fa9866 gitlab-ci: use arch-specific tags for OS selection
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9789
      * Ben Boeckel: 'fix build vtkSMPToolsImpl'
        * 37c533b9a5 vtkSMPToolsImpl: Remove second constructor
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9793
      * Ben Boeckel: 'numpy deprecations under mpi'
        * 66fdb9f0c3 numpy: avoid `numpy.bool` in MPI-using code
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9795
      * Ben Boeckel: 'standalone wheel testing'
        * d32a3cc054 gitlab-ci: test built wheels using VTK's test suite
        * bf483be81c gitlab-ci: activate the wheel testing venv
        * b59f60b25f Testing/ExternalWheel: add a project to test a VTK wheel
        * 569f55d656 vtkModuleTesting: conditionalize the `--enable-bt` argument
        * 1713f8cc45 cmake: mask Cxx testing directories if only testing Python
        * a847b63277 ci: remove trailing whitespace
        * 006ed6022d ci: add 3.11 jobs to the expected job group
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9765
      * Julien Fausty: 'fix rdp strategy'
        * 2c5866b2ec fix RDP strategy by not referencing an end iterator
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9790
      * David Gobbi: 'transform axis epsilon'
        * 9548dcf373 Adjust VTK_AXIS_EPSILON for GetOrientation
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9769
      * Ben Boeckel: 'fix gcc 4.8 5 compilation'
        * f7c4049b4c Fix: error: array must be initialized with a brace-enclosed initializer
        * 067cc56fba vtkAppendSelection: use vtksys::RegularExpression instead of regex
        * 9f516058c2 Fix: error: define (copy)constructor
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9728
      * Ben Boeckel: 'patch/ren win serializers'
        * a90a89da9e Update Web render window serializers and remove print statements
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9766
      * Ben Boeckel: 'numpy test deprecation'
        * ce55bf0376 Merge branch 'numpy-test-deprecation-release' into numpy-test-deprecation
        * 2a38264a55 Merge branch 'numpy-test-deprecation-release' into numpy-test-deprecation
        * 9f7d059ec6 Testing: ignore 9.1.0 deprecation warnings
        * db81ed74ad TestGeometryFilter: ignore 9.2.0 deprecation warnings
        * 666c0ad79e TestHyperTreeGrid3DCursorsMandel: use non-deprecated getter
        * a271889311 testing: avoid usage of deprecated `unittest` methods
        * 1439f780f3 TestNumpyInterface: use non-deprecated `numpy.<type>` replacements
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9788
      * Ben Boeckel: 'wrapping tools leaks'
        * b840ef1d8c vtkParse: fix leak with template template cases
        * a0c93fda33 vtkWrapPythonOverload: free `std::vector` template arguments
        * 050ec4eb23 vtkParsePreprocess: add included file to the cache
        * 2e5ed3232b vtkParseMerge: free the functions array if none are left after merging
        * cb24fdeb27 Wrapping/Tools: Fix method signature leak in vtkWrapPython
        * 7f40f8cb6e Wrapping/Tools: Fix argument string leaks in wrapper tools
        * 33693064fa Wrapping/Tools: Fix memory hinfo leak in vtkWrapPython, vtkWrapJava
        * ad12e71dbe vtkParse: fix misparse and leak for type alias
        * ...
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9773
      * Ben Boeckel: 'vtk component limits'
        * 1805eae33b vtk-config: handle non-VTK components
        * c1f683627f vtk-config: complete the list of non-module components
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!8677
      * Ben Boeckel: 'vtkModulePython custom interpreter'
        * a43395161a gitlab-ci: add an extra `PATH` entry to let `.pyi` work
        * 7ca814dcf8 cmake: disable the interpreter in known-bad scenarios
        * ecb23a922f vtkModuleWrapPython: support passing in an interpreter
        * 3ffde1cf20 vtkModuleWrapPython: wrap variable expansion in quotes
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9076
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'update review doc'
        * 9ddeba715d Update review doc
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9774
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'improve pbr textures'
        * a56d0352f9 Improve PBR textures
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9767
    • Mathieu Westphal's avatar
      Merge topic 'fix_collaboration_build' · 7ffbd827
      Mathieu Westphal authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
       Fix XRInterface Collaboration build
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Timothee Chabat's avatarTimothee Chabat <timothee.chabat@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Thomas Galland's avatarThomas Galland <thomas.galland@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6111
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