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 ParaView 5.8.1 release notes
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ParaView 5.8.1 Release Notes
* ParaView 5.8.1 is a bug fix release that addresses 60 issues identified since the ParaView 5.8.0 release. The full list of resolved bugs with links to the bug reports is provided below.
## Readers and filters
* [AMR Dual Clip and Contour Accept invalid input datasets ](
* [Parallel Resample to Image pipeline doesn't propagate all data ](
* [Clip filter: Crinkle clip performs a slice rather than a clip ](
* [AMReX Boxlib Grid Reader fails to the read coordinate range ](
* [Paraview 5.8.0-RC3 VTK-xml reader: cell offsets cant be unsigned ints ](
* [amrex: failed to read amrex 2D particles ](
* [VTP Loading Apparent Regression 5.6.0->5.8.0 ](
* [CGNS files don't read point data ](
* [ExtractBlock does not Propagate Global Field Data ](
* [default Piece Distribution method ](
* [Glyph filter sometimes produces misplaced arrows ](
* [Cell size filter dies with CTH AMR ](
* [Intermittent errors in Cell Centers ](
* [Glyph filter and stream tracer filter do not propagate Global Field Data ](
* [AggregateDataSet filter runs into MPI size constraint ](
* [ParaView 5.8 crashes when slicing nested multi-block in parallel ](
## Rendering and image export
* [Color legend always shows up in bottom left corner when exporting to EPS or PDF ](
* [Low resolution vector graphics output ](
* [Preview mode and window resize ](
* [Color Map Mapping Data histogram gets confused ](
* [OpenGL warning when using Zoom to Box ](
* [Surface with Edges creates extra edges ](
* [SaveStateAndScreenshot Plugin ](
* [Create 1280 X 720 preview ](
* [Preview size not preserved in Save Screenshot for multiple views ](
* [Background color should be preserved and set by pvsm infrastructure ](
* [ParaView Preview Resolution not set on PVSM reload ](
* [Preview mode does not rescale text correctly ](
## Catalyst
* [File output from Catalyst kills ParaView ](
* [Export Inspector, Image Extract, Cinema Image database Advanced Options Window incorrectly named ](
* [Annotate Global Data filter does not work with HyperTree Grids ](
* [Export Inspector: allow selecting of root directory for pvserver configs ](
* [writer for vtkNonOverlappingAMR in Catalyst ](
## User interface and interaction
* [[5.6 rc2] Reset Session reset all customized MACROS shortcuts ](
* [Preferences -> Camera -> 2D & 3D Mouse Wheel Factor Slider Widgets Inoperable ](
* [Enhancement Request: Native 3D Connexion Support on macOS ](
* [AnimationView mode has incorrect behavior when loading a dataset with timesteps ](
* [Export Inspector: bad Qt layout ](
* [Add back PARAVIEW_AUTOLOAD_PLUGIN_XXX or similar ](
* [Paraview 5.8.0 UI elements are too large ](
* [Grow and Shrink Selection does not work with Find Data ](
* [text location not shown correctly in GUI ](
* [Crash on View -> Output Messages during reverse connection ](
* [error message: Unexpected call to selectionChanged. ](
* [Find data multiple expressions error ](
* [Find data: Subsetting query causes "ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence." ](
* [Keep "Waiting for Server Connection" panel on top of GUI when waiting for connection ](
* [Find Data breaks with multiple expressions on multiblock data ](
* [PolyLine source points can't be changed manually in the GUI ](
* [Icons for Plot Global Variables Over Time and Plot Selection Over Time are flipped ](
## Build and installation
* [macOS Catalina: ParaView-5.7.0-MPI-OSX10.12-Python2.7-64bit.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. ](
* [ParaView build fails on arm clusters ](
* [Catalyst: Node class from vtkPlotEdges.cxx name-collides with linked simulations (SPARC) ](
* [Follow-up from "Fix paraview-config script" ](
* [Spack ParaView should contain '-DVTK_ENABLE_KITS:BOOL=ON' ](
* [Runtime crash on Cray, Debug builds ](
* [paraview build fails first time through due to cinema-related build order issue on stria/ARM ](
* [Remove unnecessary Python 2 conflict in ParaView's Spack file ](
* [Spack: ParaView installs libraries to prefix/lib64 but creates empty prefix/lib making ParaView's modulefile invalid ](
## Third-party library updates
* [Upgrade ParaView CGNS version to 4.0.0 ](
## Miscellaneous bug fixes
* [Segfault calling VisRTX_GetContext() at startup ](
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