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      Remove warnings: · 6e5da5aa
      bonnell authored
      1) added #pragma warning(disable:4251) to slivr to remove dll-interface warnings (removed 386 warnings on Windows)
      'size_t' to 'int' conversions (mostly when using .size() of an stl containter)
      2) 'return' : conversion from 'size_t' to 'int' (cast return to 'int')
      3) Change use of 'int' to 'size_t' when 'size_t' is more appropriate.
      4) Change use 'size_t' to 'int' when 'int' is more appropriate
      5) Cast arguments to functions from 'size_t' to 'int' when 'int' is expected.
      6) use 'vtkIdType' when calling vtkDataArry->GetNumberOfTuples()
      7) use 'int' when calling vtkDataArray->GetNumberOfComponents()
      Reduced warnings on Windows from 6633 down to 4900.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@21610 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · a995748c
      brugger authored
      I made some more changes for VTK 6.0. Most of the changes work with VTK
      5.8 and 6.0, but a few don't and those are conditionaly compiled. I
      started with versions that Kathleen modified for VTK 6.0 and added
      conditional compiles for code that wouldn't work with VTK 5.8.
      The types of changes made were:
      1) filter->SetInput(vtkDataObject);
      2) filter1->SetInput(filter2->GetOutput());
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@20206 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      Added error-checking of query options, including type and size. · f4a064e3
      bonnell authored
      Added MapNode helper methods HasNumericEntry and HasNumericVectorEntry.
      Thus, an option may now be checked:
               doubleVector pt1, pt2;
               if (queryParams.HasNumericVectorEntry("start_point"))
                   Error(tr("Lineout requires start_point argument."));
      Added new QueryArugment exception where required size of a vector argument can be specified.
      Resolves #1297
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@20003 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      Add avtPlot Method that allows plots to set Pick flags that control how pick... · 514e7225
      bonnell authored
      Add avtPlot Method that allows plots to set Pick flags that control how pick operates and/or how pick output is displayed.  This replaces 'if (PlotTypeName == xxx) tests in ViewerQueryManager for things like glyph picking.  This is accomplished by a MapNode that is filled in with default values by avtPlot. Inividual settings can be overriden as necessary by the plots.
      Changed PickAtts 'displayXXX' settings to be 'showXXX' settings for naming consitency.
      Modified ScatterPlot so that it creates OriginalNodes array when needed for Picking. Scatter is currently the only plot to modify pick 'showXXX' flags.  This resolves #922
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@17670 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · c8400c42
      brugger authored
      1) I updated the year in the copyright notice from "2000 - 2011" to
         "2000 - 2012" in all the "*.h" files in the src directory.
      2) I moved a using statement out of a header file and into the appropriate
         ".C" files.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@17588 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · 3ad0e019
      brugger authored
      I updated the year in the copyright notice from "2000 - 2011" to
      "2000 - 2012" in all the ".c" and ".C" files in the src directory.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@17584 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      Removed the exception and all try/catch code that was in the PICS filter. · 8a8fca18
      camp authored
      Fixed issues with PICS code on AMR. Also with PICS codes using the correct time slice while processing pathlines.
      Added code to the PICS code to be able to restart streamlines/pathlines. Also can be used to save the current state to be loaded later.
      Added code to empty the data queue if using load on demand.
      Changed the GetMemorySize function to be able to handle memory sizes over 4G.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@17580 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      Modified Query interface to pass query arguments as MapNode between cli/gui... · 8880eb72
      bonnell authored
      Modified Query interface to pass query arguments as MapNode between cli/gui and Viewer to reduce rpc clutter and make adding/changing queries a bit easier.
      CLI accepts named arguments (keyword args) or python dictionary.
      GUI allows customizable query widgets for more useful control of options.
      Query-over-time start/end times and stride now specified in Query Window with other query options, and can be specified as keyword args in cli's QueryOverTime method.
      Picks via QueryWindow have been consolidated into one query: "Pick", options have been expanded.
      Updated tests to use new argument style.  Left a few old-style calls to ensure they still work.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@16065 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      Resolving #631, removing 'using' statements from all header files. · ace3d1e1
      miller86 authored
      As a consequence, a lot of source files needed fixing up too. There
      were many cases where source files referred to STL classes but either
      did not include the cooresponding C++ STL header or did not have a
      using statement or did not have a 'std::' scope resolution.
      I added a hook to prevent commits of header files with using statements
      in them. I added skips for anything in vendor_branches, release and
      src/third_party_builtin and common/utility/visitstream.h (whose using
      statements I think define a single symbol name such as cerr or endl).
      Nonetheless, I still think visitstream.h might bare further scrutiny
      on this issue.
      There are a number of other observations I had regarding header file
      design and usage that I will send to visit-developers in a follow-up
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@15352 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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