1. 14 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      · 46d3777d
      brugger authored
      I added infrastructure support for VTKm. I added support for enabling
      VTKm support in the GUI, CLI and Java client. I also added support for
      adding VTKm specific coding. At this point there isn't any code that 
      uses VTKm other than to define the vtkmDataSet, but everything is there 
      to start adding code and having it compile and link.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@27799 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
  2. 16 Oct, 2015 1 commit
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      ordered compositing · fb3550f9
      loring authored
      add alpha blend compositing to visit and use it to implement
      ordered compositing. there is some logic to enable it automatically
      and a gui option to explicitly disable it. it is on by default.
      I also added an option for enabling depth peeling. this is off by
      default because it's very slow. I changed all GetCell methods to
      return long long so that overflow is less of an issue. I fixed a bug
      in the transparency actor that was causing transparent geometry
      to be sorted twice.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@27514 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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  5. 23 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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      Some changes for Windows builds: · 0e60a703
      bonnell authored
      * Put all avt examples in ‘avtexamples’ subfolder of tools (Visual Studio-ism).
      * Fix compile error for exodus reader.
      * Add option for turning off  building of diagnostics and avtexamples.
      * Fix 32-bit compile error where ‘unsigned int’ and ‘size_t’ have same size (resulting in overloaded functions not being able to be resolved).
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@25280 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · c8400c42
      brugger authored
      1) I updated the year in the copyright notice from "2000 - 2011" to
         "2000 - 2012" in all the "*.h" files in the src directory.
      2) I moved a using statement out of a header file and into the appropriate
         ".C" files.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@17588 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · 5d8dc9ca
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      I updated the year in the copyright notice from "2000 - 2011" to
      "2000 - 2012" in all the "*.f", "*.java", "*.cmake", "*.txt", "*.in",
      "*.py" and "*.sh" files in the src directory.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@17587 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      This resolves #670 "enhance all HDF5 plugins to open with H5F_CLOSE_SEMI property" · 5ad83b83
      miller86 authored
      Added macros to visit-hdf5.h to re-map H5Fopen and H5Fclose functions
      to Visit-specific equivalents.
      Added implementations of VisIt-specific H5Fopen and H5Fclose functions
      to visit-hdf5.h. There is #ifndef NDEBUG conditional logic to print
      error message on cerr if an HDF5 plugin is found NOT to use H5F_CLOSE_SEMI
      when opening a file.
      There is UNconditional logic in these functions to print error message
      on cerr if an HDF5 plugin is found to return error from H5Fclose. The
      latter indicates a potentialy serious problem because the offending plugin
      can then wind up preventing all other HDF5 plugins from opening the file.
      Added #include <visit-hdf5.h> to all HDF5 plugins to ensure all plugins
      will have their H5Fopen/H5Fclose methods re-mapped.
      So far, only HDF5 plugin (that we also test) that appears to have problems
      is Velodyne. I filed a ticket for it.
      I discovered and removed some unnecessary #ifdef NDEBUG logic in Ensight
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@16233 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
  26. 26 Aug, 2011 1 commit
  27. 12 May, 2011 1 commit
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      · b6c07d04
      brugger authored
      1) I added code from Vern Staats that always forces ssh tunneling for all
         data connections. This code is dependent on VISIT_FORCE_SSH_TUNNELING,
         which is off by default. To enable forcing of ssh tunneling do one of
         the following:
         a) Add the line
            to your config site file.
         b) Run cmake with VISIT_FORCE_SSH_TUNNELING defined on the execute line
            as shown below.
      2) I added code from Vern Staats that uses /dev/urandom to create the random
         seed used to generate the key used to set up data connections between
         components. The code is unix specific. This change and the change above
         resolve #702.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@14795 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · b22d9fd2
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      I updated the copyright dates in the copyright notice in all the "*.c",
      "*.C", "*.h", "*.java", "*.cmake", "*.txt" and "*.in" files in the "src"
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@13578 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      · a78ec05f
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      I updated the LLNL review and release number in the copyright notice
      in all the "*.C", "*.h", "*.java", "*.cmake", "*.txt" and "*.in" files
      in the src directory.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@11946 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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