Commit e2fa2829 authored by allens's avatar allens

minor clean up of names to access the iteration

git-svn-id: 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
parent 9661b881
......@@ -186,20 +186,17 @@ avtTimeLoopFilter::Update(avtContract_p spec)
avtOriginatingSource *src = GetOriginatingSource();
for (int currentLoopIter=0; currentLoopIter<numTimeLoopIterations; ++currentLoopIter)
for (timeLoopIter=0; timeLoopIter<numTimeLoopIterations; ++timeLoopIter)
debug4 << "Time loop filter updating with iteration # "<<currentLoopIter<<endl;
int curIter = 0;
debug4 << "Time loop filter updating with iteration # "
<< timeLoopIter << endl;
for (i=0, currentTime=startTime; i<nFrames; ++i, currentTime+=stride)
for (frameIter=0, currentTime=startTime; frameIter<nFrames; ++frameIter, currentTime+=stride)
bool shouldDoThisTimeSlice = true;
if (parallelizingOverTime)
shouldDoThisTimeSlice = RankOwnsTimeSlice(i);
if (!shouldDoThisTimeSlice)
......@@ -255,7 +252,6 @@ avtTimeLoopFilter::Update(avtContract_p spec)
......@@ -115,12 +115,10 @@ class AVTFILTERS_API avtTimeLoopFilter : virtual public avtFilter
avtSILRestriction_p currentSILR;
std::string errorMessage;
virtual void BeginIteration(int i) {iteration=i;}
virtual void EndIteration(int i) {}
virtual void SetNumberOfIterations( int i) {nIterations = i;}
virtual int GetNumberOfIterations() {return nIterations;}
virtual int GetIteration() {return iteration;}
virtual int GetIteration() {return timeLoopIter;}
virtual int GetFrame() {return frameIter;}
virtual int GetTotalNumberOfTimeSlicesForRank();
virtual std::vector<int> GetCyclesForRank();
virtual std::vector<double> GetTimesForRank();
......@@ -135,9 +133,10 @@ class AVTFILTERS_API avtTimeLoopFilter : virtual public avtFilter
int endTime;
int stride;
int nFrames;
int frameIter;
int actualEnd;
int nIterations;
int iteration;
int timeLoopIter;
bool includeLastTime;
bool parallelizingOverTime;
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