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    miller86 authored
    * I discovered a header file had #define NDEBUG 1. It was confined to
      Poincare operator and plot but out of caution I removed that line anyways.
    * I fixed a bug in Silo reader causing a crash whenever a ucdmesh with
      no zonelist, facelist, edgelist or phzonelist was defined. I made the
      reader treat it like a point mesh. This is #2111 in the tracker.
    * I fixed a bug in Namescheme that was terminating an inner loop correctly
      and causing a valgrind error.
    * I fixed a bug in Namescheme_test where a namescheme being tested was mal-formed.
    * I fixed a problem with avtMaterial constructor for the case of full zonal
      arrays for the volume fractions. The constructor wasn't robust in the presence
      of numerically likely but nonehtless mal-formed volume fractions (e.g. one
      material has frac>=1 and still another >0. The logic caused that case to
      skip an entry in the mix arrays leaving it uninitialized. Later in 
      avtUnstructuredDomainBoundaries::ExchangeMixedMaterials, it would cause
      a SEGV.
    * I fixed a valgrind error in avtUnstructuredDomainBoundaries::ExchangeMixedMaterials
      where several memcpy calls were overrunning the end of the source buffers.
    * I fixed a problem where Exodus plugin's auto-expression logic caused a SEGV if
      a candidate vector had fewer than 3 components.
    git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@25732 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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