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    Add autoconfery to disable Tuvok. · 6d588c6b
    fogal1 authored
    The user can use --enable-tuvok (or --disable-tuvok) to control
    Tuvok.  The environment variable TUVOK_ENABLE may also be used,
    but is overridden by either of the command line options.
    * src/ac/tuvok.m4: new macro
    * src/acinclude.m4: add include line for a new macro.
    * src/aclocal.m4: regenerated
    * src/configure: regenerated
    * src/configure.in: get rid of the minimal autoconf settings,
                        moved to macro.  call the new macro.
    * src/include/visit-config.h.in: regenerated.
    git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@5878 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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