1. 09 Jan, 2014 1 commit
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      I made several fixes to the 3d the multi resolution data selection
      support. Everything should work properly at this point.
      The specific changes made were:
         a) I added a view area to the multi resolution data selection
            since the frustum and cell size were insufficient in 3d.
         b) I corrected an issue with the multi resolution operator getting
            the wrong data limit for the first render in 3d.
         c) I enhanced the MRTest reader to provide a 3d mesh.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@22589 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      I extended the multi resolution data selection support to work in 3d.
      This is still a work in progress but it is in a useable state. The
      way things are currently working is that the reader gets an axis aligned
      bounding box for the view frustum. I will see how this works and if it
      isn't good enough I may change it to pass the view frustum volume and
      the equations of the 6 planes that define the view frustum. I will also
      soon check in an enhanced MRTest database reader that also provides 3d
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@22559 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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      I enhanced VisIt to handle database readers that can provide 2D multi
      resolution versions of the data. When 2D multi resolution is enabled,
      the avtMultiresFilter adds a multi resolution data selection to the
      contract that contains the view frustum and a desired cell size. The
      reader then needs to return a data set that covers the frustum and has
      a cell size smaller than the desired cell size assuming that the mesh 
      covers the extents and has cells smaller than the desired size. The 
      reader also needs to add to the contract the actual frustum covered and 
      the actual cell size returned. A working example of a reader that 
      supports multi resolution data selection was added. It is the MRTest 
      reader and is built when specifying -DVISIT_BUILD_ALL_PLUGINS=1 with 
      cmake. I also updated the release notes with a description of the change.
      git-svn-id: http://visit.ilight.com/svn/visit/trunk/src@22537 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
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