1. 12 May, 2011 3 commits
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      1) I added config site files for glory and redsky at Sandia.
      2) I added host profiles for glory and redsky at Sandia.
      3) I modified the internallauncher script to support the sbatch/mpiexec
         launch method. I also added a hack for glory, since the executables
         were built with a non default gcc.
      4) I added support for sbatch/mpiexec to the host profiles window.
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      Add average value query. · 6129621f
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      1) I added code from Vern Staats that always forces ssh tunneling for all
         data connections. This code is dependent on VISIT_FORCE_SSH_TUNNELING,
         which is off by default. To enable forcing of ssh tunneling do one of
         the following:
         a) Add the line
            to your config site file.
         b) Run cmake with VISIT_FORCE_SSH_TUNNELING defined on the execute line
            as shown below.
      2) I added code from Vern Staats that uses /dev/urandom to create the random
         seed used to generate the key used to set up data connections between
         components. The code is unix specific. This change and the change above
         resolve #702.
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