1. 15 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      I added infrastructure support for VTKm. I added support for enabling
      VTKm support in the GUI, CLI and Java client. I also added support for
      adding VTKm specific coding. At this point there isn't any code that 
      uses VTKm other than to define the vtkmDataSet, but everything is there 
      to start adding code and having it compile and link.
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      Internallauncher · 52528801
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          I added a function to return the correct argument for the "process per node"
      flag for Open MPI and MPICH. This change affects the mpirun and mpiexe commands.
      If your system has a different argument then you can override this function.
      This argument is only used if the user has set VisIt's -nn flag.
          I have changed the sbatch job submitter to be like qsub. This was done for
      NERSC new Cori system. Now it has many functions that can be overriden to support
      any system using sbatch. Also added a new job launcher srun.
          Added the hosttoip variable in MainLauncher to convert host name to IP address.
      Had a problem that compute nodes could not convert host name to IP address. By default
      this is turned off. You need to set hosttoip=True in your MainLauncher override.
      See NERSC custom launcher for an example.
      NERSC customlauncher
          Remove references to Carver. That system is gone. Added sbatch support, also 
      turned on the hosttoip flag to translate the hostname to an IP address.
          Added sbatch/srun option in the list of launchers.
          Added site file for NERSC's Cori system.
      Removed NERSC's Carver site config file. System has been retired.
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      Update the revision number of the last test suite pass. · eb7102e0
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