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Update from October 2, 2006

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......@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ DEFAULT_HDF4_LIBS=/usr/gapps/visit/hdf4/2.4.1/linux_redhat7_gcc_3.2.3/lib
## HDF5
## Mili
......@@ -121,6 +121,9 @@ which varies over time.</li>
<li>VisIt's <i>2D area</i> query issues a misleading error message when applied to a plot that yielded no geometry.</li>
<li>The text in the Curve plot's legend was being drawn in white, making it impossible to see against the default white background in the visualization window.</li>
<li>VisIt's support for arbitrary polyhedra is improved; it is faster for vector plots and does a better job of calculating their external faces.</li>
<li>The Mili database reader is now built on Thunder.</li>
<li>The Chombo database reader has been improved.</li>
<li>The EnSight database reader has been improved to better handle time sequences.</li>
<p>Click the following link to view the release notes for the previous version
of VisIt: <a href="relnotes1.5.3.html">VisIt 1.5.3 Release Notes</a>.</p>
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