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adding memory-overusage logic to speculative data send as per #587

git-svn-id: 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
parent 3d5f9c9a
......@@ -2357,6 +2357,8 @@ WriteByteStreamToSocket(NonBlockingRPC *rpc, Connection *vtkConnection,
// Hank Childs, Sat Apr 24 18:31:34 PDT 2010
// Fix problem-sized memory leak.
// Mark C. Miller, Tue Feb 8 19:59:04 PST 2011
// Add logic to deal with possible memory over usage as per #587
// ****************************************************************************
static void
......@@ -2414,6 +2416,35 @@ SwapAndMergeClonedWriterOutputs(avtDataObject_p dob,
srcCnt = INT_MAX-1;
srcCnt = srcCnt + dstCnt;
// ---------------------------------
// Its concievable that polygon count does not correlate well with memory
// usage such that polygon count could be well below threshold but
// memory usage, nonetheless, is going to drive us into a condition where
// we run into 'virtual' memory and thrash horribly or run out of memory
// entirely and crash. To avert this possibility, we also check for possible
// memory OVERusage and will kick into SR mode if we determine we are going
// to use too much memory. The trick is to guesstimate the amount of memory
// a 'scalableThreshold' number of triangles (polygons reall) should require.
// If we consider JUST TRIANGLES and assume that for each triangle, we
// represent the x, y and z coordinates of each vertex in double precision,
// then a 'scalableThreshold' number of triangles will require
// scalableThreshold * 3 (coords) * 3 (vertices) * 8 (bytes).
// Although we have here the length of the data-object-string equivalent of
// the datasets, that is ok, because the data-object-string equivalent is still
// a 'binary' representation of the data, as opposed to ASCII representation.
// Now, we don't really know if indeed after the dob->Merge() operation the
// resultant merged dataset will be of size srcLen + dstLen. In theory,
// I think it could be smaller. I don't think it could be larger. Regardless,
// our condition of possible OVERusage of memory involves testing
// srcLen+dstLen against our guesstimate of what it should take. For our
// default SR threshold of 2e+6 triangles, this equates to 144 Mbytes.
if ((srcLen + dstLen) >= scalableThreshold*72)
srcCnt = INT_MAX-1;
......@@ -2424,7 +2455,6 @@ SwapAndMergeClonedWriterOutputs(avtDataObject_p dob,
// case where we send basically the data tree--labels and domain ids--without
// the actual data).
if ((srcCnt < scalableThreshold) || sendDataAnyway)
dstStr = new char [dstLen];
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