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Document -display option in -fullhelp output.

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......@@ -880,7 +880,8 @@ $fullusage = "$usage
VisIt can manage the creation and teardown of X servers for you. It
will do this automatically if you specify the -launch-x parameter,
but you can customize the process with the -x-args parameter.
but you can customize the process with the -x-args and -display
parameters, which respect %l and %n formatters.
See the VisIt wiki for more information:
......@@ -890,7 +891,8 @@ $fullusage = "$usage
-hw-accel Tells VisIt that it should use graphics cards.
-n-gpus-per-node <int> Number of GPUs per node of the cluster (1).
-launch-x Tell VisIt to manage the X servers
-no-launch-x Negate previous launch-x; cluster manages X.
-no-launch-x Let the cluster manager X servers [default]
-display Tells VisIt which display to use.
-x-args '<string>' Extra arguments to X server.
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