Commit 37c5de8a authored by pugmire's avatar pugmire

Fix to handle inconsistent naming conventions in XGC1 files.

git-svn-id: 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
parent c7040fe7
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ bool
avtXGCFileFormat::Identify(const char *fname)
string str(fname);
if (str.find("xgc.3d") != string::npos)
if (str.find("xgc.") != string::npos)
return true;
else if (str.find("xgc.particle") != string::npos)
return true;
......@@ -418,7 +418,8 @@ avtXGCFileFormat::GetMesh(int timestate, int domain, const char *meshname)
vtkDataArray *conn = NULL, *nextNode = NULL;
meshFile->ReadScalarData("/cell_set[0]/node_connect_list", timestate, &conn);
meshFile->ReadScalarData("/nextnode", timestate, &nextNode);
if (!meshFile->ReadScalarData("/nextnode", timestate, &nextNode))
meshFile->ReadScalarData("nextnode", timestate, &nextNode);
//Create the points.
double dPhi = 2.0*M_PI/(double)numPhi;
......@@ -927,8 +928,10 @@ avtXGCFileFormat::Initialize()
haveSepMesh = f.good();
//Read in mesh/plane info.
meshFile->GetScalar("/n_n", numNodes);
meshFile->GetScalar("/n_t", numTris);
if (!meshFile->GetScalar("/n_n", numNodes))
meshFile->GetScalar("n_n", numNodes);
if (!meshFile->GetScalar("/n_t", numTris))
meshFile->GetScalar("n_t", numTris);
if (!file->GetScalar("/nphi", numPhi))
file->GetScalar("nphi", numPhi);
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