Commit 361d1cf3 authored by hrchilds's avatar hrchilds

Update from June 13, 2006

git-svn-id: 18c085ea-50e0-402c-830e-de6fd14e8384
parent 06794f4a
......@@ -237,6 +237,9 @@
# Eric Brugger, Wed Jun 7 16:26:14 PDT 2006
# I modified the script to handle the new vtk library naming conventions.
# Hank Childs, Tue Jun 13 14:43:52 PDT 2006
# Copy over .txx files from VTK headers.
set DataFiles = "TRUE"
......@@ -870,6 +873,7 @@ mkdir $incdir/vtk/IO
mkdir $incdir/vtk/Imaging
mkdir $incdir/vtk/MangleMesaInclude
mkdir $incdir/vtk/Rendering
mkdir $incdir/vtk/vtkstd
mkdir $incdir/python
mkdir $incdir/qt
mkdir $incdir/qt/private
......@@ -887,18 +891,32 @@ cp $VisItDir/include/visit/avt[N-Z]*.h $incdir/visit
cp $VisItDir/include/visit/[b-z]*.h $incdir/visit
cp $VisItDir/include/mesa/GL/*.h $incdir/mesa/GL
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/*.h $incdir/vtk
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/*.txx $incdir/vtk
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/[a-uw-zA-Z]*.h $incdir/visit
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/[a-uw-zA-Z]*.txx $incdir/visit
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/v[a-su-zA-Z]*.h $incdir/visit
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/v[a-su-zA-Z]*.txx $incdir/visit
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/vt[a-jl-zA-Z]*.h $incdir/vtk/Common
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/vt[a-jl-zA-Z]*.txx $incdir/vtk/Common
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/vtk[a-zA-J]*.h $incdir/vtk/Common
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/vtk[a-zA-J]*.txx $incdir/vtk/Common
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/vtk[K-Z]*.h $incdir/vtk/Common
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Common/vtk[K-Z]*.txx $incdir/vtk/Common
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Filtering/*.h $incdir/vtk/Filtering
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Filtering/*.txx $incdir/vtk/Filtering
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Graphics/*.h $incdir/vtk/Graphics
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Graphics/*.txx $incdir/vtk/Graphics
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Hybrid/*.h $incdir/vtk/Hybrid
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Hybrid/*.txx $incdir/vtk/Hybrid
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/IO/*.h $incdir/vtk/IO
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/IO/*.txx $incdir/vtk/IO
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Imaging/*.h $incdir/vtk/Imaging
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Imaging/*.txx $incdir/vtk/Imaging
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/MangleMesaInclude/*.h $incdir/vtk/MangleMesaInclude
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/MangleMesaInclude/*.txx $incdir/vtk/MangleMesaInclude
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Rendering/*.h $incdir/vtk/Rendering
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/Rendering/*.txx $incdir/vtk/Rendering
cp $VisItDir/include/vtk/vtkstd/* $incdir/vtk/vtkstd
cp $VisItDir/include/python/*.h $incdir/python
......@@ -479,6 +479,9 @@ avtCMFEExpression::Execute()
// Post a special error message for time derivatives, since they will
// cause the error message from this routine to execute most frequently.
// Hank Childs, Tue Jun 13 13:10:11 PDT 2006
// Fix a typo in warning message.
// ****************************************************************************
......@@ -561,8 +564,8 @@ avtCMFEExpression::GetTimestate(ref_ptr<avtDatabase> dbp)
actualTimestep = 0;
if (isDelta && firstDBTime == 0 && timeIndex == -1)
avtCallback::IssueWarning("VisIt uses the current time state and "
"the previus time state when doing a time derivative. Because "
"you are at the first time state, there is no previous time "
"the previous time state when doing a time derivative. Because"
" you are at the first time state, there is no previous time "
"state to difference with. So the resulting plot will have no "
"differences. This feature will work correctly, however, for "
"the rest of the time states.");
......@@ -7606,6 +7606,9 @@ avtSiloFileFormat::CalcSpecies(DBfile *dbfile, char *specname)
// Mark C. Miller, Thu Apr 21 09:37:41 PDT 2005
// Freed ucdmesh prior to early return for null facelist
// Hank Childs, Tue Jun 13 14:23:48 PDT 2006
// Add flag to read mask. The current flag works with PDB, but not HDF5.
// ****************************************************************************
avtFacelist *
......@@ -7618,7 +7621,7 @@ avtSiloFileFormat::CalcExternalFacelist(DBfile *dbfile, char *mesh)
// We want to get just the facelist. So we need to get the ReadMask,
// set it to read facelists, then set it back.
long mask = DBGetDataReadMask();
DBSetDataReadMask(DBUMFacelist | DBFacelistInfo);
DBucdmesh *um = DBGetUcdmesh(correctFile, realvar);
if (um == NULL)
EXCEPTION1(InvalidVariableException, mesh);
......@@ -513,6 +513,13 @@ avtSiloWriter::ConstructChunkOptlist(const avtDatabaseMetaData *md)
// Programmer: Hank Childs
// Creation: September 11, 2003
// Modifications:
// Mark C. Miller, Tue Jun 13 10:22:35 PDT 2006
// Added call to temporarily disable checksums in Silo just in case they
// might have been enabled, since PDB driver can't do checksumming.
// Nonetheless, PDB only checks during file creation and otherwise silently
// ignores the setting.
// ****************************************************************************
......@@ -524,8 +531,10 @@ avtSiloWriter::WriteChunk(vtkDataSet *ds, int chunk)
char filename[1024];
sprintf(filename, "%s.%d.silo", stem.c_str(), chunk);
int oldEnable = DBSetEnableChecksums(0);
DBfile *dbfile = DBCreate(filename, 0, DB_LOCAL,
"Silo file written by VisIt", DB_PDB);
// Use sub-routines to do the mesh-type specific writes.
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ enhancements and bug-fixes that were added to this release.</p>
<li>VisIt's BOV database reader plug-in has been improved so it can read bricks of integer and double precision data in addition to the previously supported byte and float formats. The reader can also now read files containing multi-component data such as complex, vector, or array variables. The improved BOV reader makes it much more likely that VisIt will read binary files created by simple 2D and 3D simulations that use an implicit grid, including some Fortran simulation codes.</li>
<li>VisIt's BOV database reader plug-in has been enhanced to understand a new
<i>DIVIDE_BRICKLETS</i> keyword that allows the reader to split up a large file into many domains that can be processed in parallel.</li>
<li>VisIt's BOV database reader plug-in can now import 2D data.</i>
<li>VisIt's BOV database reader plug-in can now import 2D data.</li>
<li>VisIt now includes <i>elliptical</i> and <i>localized compactness factor</i> queries.</li>
<li>VisIt now includes <i>mean curvature</i> and <i>Gaussian curvature</i> expressions that allow you to find peaks and valleys in scalar fields. In addition, an <i>average mean curvature</i> query was added.</li>
<li>VisIt now includes <i>min</i> and <i>max</i> expressions so creating conditional expressions is easier.</li>
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