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<title>VisIt 1.1.5 Release Notes</title>
<p align="center"><b><font size="6">VisIt 1.1.5 Release Notes</font></b></p>
<p>Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important 
enhancements and bug-fixes that were added to this release.</p>
<p><b><font size="4">Features added in version 1.1.5</font></b></p>
  <li>Databases can be reopened at the current timestep so variables that appear later in time are supported.</li>
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  <li>VisIt has a new point tool that can be used to select a new origin for the new ThreeSlice operator, which performs three orthogonal slices on 3D databases and leaves the resulting slices in 3D.
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  <li>Panning and zooming is vastly improved so that it no longer moves the camera.</li>
  <li>The Boundary plot now has a button for filled vs. unfilled.</li>
  <li>Pipeline caching is now off by default.</li>
  <li>Databases created by automatic file grouping are displayed expanded by default.</li>
  <li>VisIt now has a -config flag that lets you load a specific configuration file.</li>
  <li>Plots are recalculated only if the plot or operators attributes change.</li>
  <li>Saving settings to the config file now only saves the differences from the default settings.</li>
  <li>The Query window scrolls its output instead of clearing each time a query is performed.</li>
  <li>The vis window now has FullFrame mode, which is available vis the popup menu. FullFrame mode expands 2D plots so that they take up most of the vis window.</li>
  <li>The files in the selected files list now indicate file permissions through the use of color. Files are gray if they cannot be accessed.</li>
<p><b><font size="4">Bugs fixed in version 1.1.5</font></b></p>
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  <li>VisIt sometimes crashes when plots and operators are disabled.</li>
  <li>Pick returns bad values for databases that have ghost cells.</li>
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  <li>Multifile databases in which a file is missing can hang the parallel compute engine.</li>
  <li>Host profiles for the ice machine have been added.</li>
  <li>Silo paths are not handled well on Windows.</li>
  <li>Using the -v argument with old versions of VisIt does not work.</li>
  <li>Slice crashes when using an invalid normal.</li>
  <li>The view window's rotx, roty, rotz commands don't use screen space axes.</li>
  <li>VisIt crashes plotting a mesh from an Ale3d nodeset.</li>
  <li>Unable to use Pick to pick on a zone.</li>
  <li>Lineout and Pick don't work properly when the vis window is in FullFrame mode.</li>
  <li>Reference lines don't rescale when the vis window is put in FullFrame mode.</li>
  <li>The Connection progress window is slow to appear.</li>
  <li>Remote logins don't work when passphrases are used.</li>
  <li>Inconsistent handling of ghost zones.</li>
  <li>Labels in Y dimension are offset below tick marks.</li>
  <li>Wireframe subset plot has a line at the symmetry plane.</li>
  <li>Plots ignore FullFrame mode when they are created or modified.</li>
  <li>The KullLite database reader does not handle materials.</li>
  <li>The Subset plot does not do an unfilled plot when the filled option is not toggled.</li>
  <li>Virtual databases are not available via the CLI.</li>
  <li>Gradient backgrounds do not all work in scalable rendering mode.</li>
  <li>Confusion between camera and view normal.</li>
  <li>CLI Pick function does not use secondary variables.</li>
  <li>Picking on a Subset plot (material 1 only) of globe.silo gives bad results. </li>
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  <li>Antialiasing creates funny white outlines around tickmarks.</li>
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  <li>Saved window sizes are incorrect when saving settings that use a multi-window layout.</li>
  <li>Picking on cone projected to 2D gives bad results.</li>
  <li>Subsets should be ordered in the Subset plot's legend.</li>
<p>Click the following link to view the release notes for the previous version 
of VisIt: <a href="relnotes1.1.4.html">VisIt 1.1.4 Release Notes</a>.</p>
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<p>Click the following link to view the release notes for the next version 
of VisIt: <a href="relnotes1.1.6.html">VisIt 1.1.6 Release Notes</a>.</p>
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