Commit b95064bd authored by Tim Tautges's avatar Tim Tautges

Updating KNOWN_ISSUES, which I should've done before tagging but forgot to.

git-svn-id: 6162379e-bd28-0410-9a7d-b7f4dcfcad3c
parent 50a41bad
......@@ -3,32 +3,15 @@ the online ticket system at the MOAB website:
# Severity Summary/Details
=== ======== ===================================================================
33 critical Parallel read failure for > 32procs
# Severity Summary/Details
=== ======== ===================================================================
#161 enhancement Need better MBCN test
#170 enhancement get_connectivity should optionally return an offset list
#29 enhancement Specifying sets not to write
#32 enhancement support writing compressed (szip) HDF5 files
#138 enhancement Error handlers
#141 enhancement reader/writer file set
#172 enhancement environmental variables
#174 enhancement Mechanism for leaving readers instantiated
#26 enhancement pipelining utilities
35 major MOAB parallel memory leak
149 major Usage notes for iMesh/iGeom on MOAB/CGM implementations
161 major Need better MBCN test
163 major Assertion failure reading 2 meshes in mbcoupler_test
22 minor iMesh_getAdjTable() is incorrect
29 minor Specifying sets not to write
30 minor geometric vertex sets not partitioned
32 minor support writing compressed (szip) HDF5 files
138 minor Error handlers
141 minor reader/writer file set
142 minor Document use of MBReaderWriterSet
162 minor Cub file reader fails if file contains named blocks
26 trivial pipelining utilities
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