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List of known issues for MOAB v4. This is the initial listing. It could...

List of known issues for MOAB v4.  This is the initial listing.  It could change before the actual release.

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This is a list of the known issues with MOAB v4. For more details please see
the online ticket system at the MOAB website:
# Severity Summary/Details
=== ======== ===================================================================
33 critical Parallel read failure for > 32procs
34 critical Resolve shared entities bug in scdtest
6 major ncdf load failure
9 major MOAB has trouble loading the attached files
10 major "For ilcend.cub, MOAB returns inconsistent numbers of VERTEXes for
REGIONs, FACEs, etc"
11 major Get the wrong number of lower/higher dimensional entities for a
given entity with ilcend.cub
28 major Adjacencies not right after entity creation
35 major MOAB parallel memory leak
144 major Document need for MPI/IO for HDF5
149 major Usage notes for iMesh/iGeom on MOAB/CGM implementations
151 major Document usage of parallel moab with non-world communicators
13 minor MOAB make check fails w/ clean build & no previous iMesh
22 minor iMesh_getAdjTable() is incorrect
29 minor Specifying sets not to write
30 minor geometric vertex sets not partitioned
32 minor support writing compressed (szip) HDF5 files
37 minor Bug: MBInterface::merge_entities
138 minor Error handlers
141 minor reader/writer file set
142 minor Document use of MBReaderWriterSet
145 minor Remove mbchaco
148 minor scdtest.cpp needs more verbose error output
157 minor parallel/uber_parallel_test.cpp has typo in file options
26 trivial pipelining utilities
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