Commit 5ec4af24 authored by Robert Smith's avatar Robert Smith

o Updated with latest list of outstanding issues.

git-svn-id: 6162379e-bd28-0410-9a7d-b7f4dcfcad3c
parent cd4977a1
......@@ -7,74 +7,28 @@ the online ticket system at the MOAB website:
=== ======== ===================================================================
33 critical Parallel read failure for > 32procs
34 critical Resolve shared entities bug in scdtest
6 major ncdf load failure
9 major MOAB has trouble loading the attached files
10 major "For ilcend.cub, MOAB returns inconsistent numbers of VERTEXes for
REGIONs, FACEs, etc"
11 major Get the wrong number of lower/higher dimensional entities for a
given entity with ilcend.cub
28 major Adjacencies not right after entity creation
35 major MOAB parallel memory leak
144 major Document need for MPI/IO for HDF5
149 major Usage notes for iMesh/iGeom on MOAB/CGM implementations
161 major Need better MBCN test
151 major Document usage of parallel moab with non-world communicators
13 minor MOAB make check fails w/ clean build & no previous iMesh
163 major Assertion failure reading 2 meshes in mbcoupler_test
22 minor iMesh_getAdjTable() is incorrect
29 minor Specifying sets not to write
30 minor geometric vertex sets not partitioned
32 minor support writing compressed (szip) HDF5 files
37 minor Bug: MBInterface::merge_entities
138 minor Error handlers
141 minor reader/writer file set
142 minor Document use of MBReaderWriterSet
145 minor Remove mbchaco
148 minor scdtest.cpp needs more verbose error output
157 minor parallel/uber_parallel_test.cpp has typo in file options
162 minor Cub file reader fails if file contains named blocks
26 trivial pipelining utilities
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