1. 04 May, 2015 11 commits
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      Merged in iulian07/free_nodes_vtk (pull request #97) · 526a5336
      vijaysm authored
      PR #97: read and write free nodes in vtk format
      vertices that are not connected to other elements are not visualized in
      VisIt create for them elements of type 1 (single node) reader needs to
      be able to read them too
      Issue raised by Michael Cortis <m.cortis.1@research.gla.ac.uk>
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      Merged in nray/ld_normal (pull request #101) · 9d769423
      vijaysm authored
      PR #101: Normal computation
      Added functionality to compute normal at a facet of a physical entity.
      This required adding a function pointer "normalFcn" to "EntityType"
      specific templates along with a member function in EvalSet.
      Subsequently, a member function "get_normal" is added to access this
      functionality from ElemEvaluator defined over a working entity.
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      Merged in nray/skinner_meshset_fix (pull request #103) · b809f6be
      vijaysm authored
      PR #103: Adding the explicitly created skin entities to the passed
      non-null meshset.
      The existing skinner functionality adds the explicitly created skin
      entities only to the root set without adding the same to any passed
      meshset. This behaviour is changed in this PR. Now, if a non-null
      meshset is passed and the skin entities are created, then the new
      entities would be added to the meshset as well.
  7. 08 Apr, 2015 5 commits
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      Replaced assertions with error returns. · 841b9136
      nray authored
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      Fixing minor warnings. Include new error handlign calls in DagMC. Need to... · 7b245437
      vijaysm authored
      Fixing minor warnings. Include new error handlign calls in DagMC. Need to propagate this on all tools - separate PR
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      Merged in iulian07/tokenizer (pull request #98) · 74f4478f
      vijaysm authored
      PR #98: Tokenizer for vtk
      It should not report an error when reaching the end of a file, and the count is 0
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      Merged in iulian07/gmsh_fixes (pull request #102) · d9cb1a0f
      vijaysm authored
      PR #102: gmsh reader fixes
      1) ignore physical names portion (suggested by Alex Tismer)
      2) ignore one-node elements from gmsh files, because we do not have
      corresponding type in moab
      3) add some tests for this new capability (so add a msh file to the unit
      tests, that have elements of type 15, one-node elements)
      4) modify the unit test file to include a physical names section (that
      will be ignored )
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      Merged in makeclean/moab/buildobb_refactor (pull request #100) · 3992106a
      vijaysm authored
      PR #100: Update of DAGMC to allow atomic building of OBB Tree
      Allows atomic building of init_OBBTree function, this function was
      originally a large function which performed many operations. Now
      init_OBBTree is broken into 3 main functions which are called
      successively to initialize a DAGMC geometry. The functions that are
      called are also made public so these can be called atomically.
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