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Several updates to the interface to make it consistent.

Immutable input params are passed by value. Use pre-processor
defines to change type names so that we can control some of
these at configure time.

- Change the return code to plain int. By changing return code,
the driver does not depend on moab, it compiles just with imoab.h
- Also include some ifdef guards
- imoab.cpp will contain the implementation

Note: it depends on mhdf header, which is not part of installation
it is copied here temporarily
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# MOAB_DIR points to top-level install dir, below which MOAB's lib/ and include/ are located
MOAB_BUILD_DIR := /homes/iulian/source/MOAB14
MOAB_DIR := /homes/iulian/lib/moab14
ifneq ($(wildcard ${MOAB_DIR}/lib/moab.make),)
include ${MOAB_DIR}/lib/moab.make
include ${MOAB_DIR}/lib/
include ${MOAB_BUILD_DIR}/moab.make
include ${MOAB_BUILD_DIR}/itaps/imesh/
.SUFFIXES: .o .cpp .F90
${MOAB_CXX} -o $@ $< ${MOAB_LIBS_LINK}
rm -rf *.o *.mod *.h5m ${ALLEXAMPLES}
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This diff is collapsed.
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