Commit edbd2e77 authored by Rajeev Jain's avatar Rajeev Jain
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MPAS reader helper function to read a .nc file if dimension nVertLevel is not specified

parent 30834235
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ ErrorCode NCHelperMPAS::init_mesh_vals()
if ((vit = std::find(dimNames.begin(), dimNames.end(), "nVertLevels")) != dimNames.end())
idx = vit - dimNames.begin();
else {
MB_SET_ERR(MB_FAILURE, "Couldn't find 'nVertLevels' dimension");
std::cerr << "Warning: dimension nVertLevels not found in header.\nThe file may contain just the mesh" << std::endl;
levDim = idx;
nLevels = dimLens[idx];
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