Commit e0accc78 authored by Iulian Grindeanu's avatar Iulian Grindeanu Committed by vijaysm
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Remove exchange tags for global ids in the interface.

Adding some build instructions to the README file

- exchange_tags is not necessary anymore, as the bug in
ParallelComm augment was fixed (do not filter by interface)
- simplified note about adding Dirichlet set
parent ee75a37d
Steps to test driver.c interface:
1) compile imoab.o
cd ../src
cd src
make imoab.o
2) compile driver.o
2) compile driver
cd ../test
make driver.o
make driver
// test driver with ./driver p8ex1.h5m
// test driver with mpiexec -np 4 ./driver p8ex1.h5m
Notes about this example file:
does not have overlapping neumann sets! (material sets are of course, non overlapping)
does not have dirichlett sets at all
does not have overlapping neumann sets! (material sets are of course, non overlapping)
I added a dirichlet set, manually, value 3; about 15 vertices are part of it (top)
it contains 4 material sets, and 8 parts; after ghosting, more material sets will be visible
on each task (the same it is maybe true for neumann sets)
......@@ -377,18 +377,6 @@ ErrCode LoadMesh( iMOAB_AppID pid, iMOAB_String filename, iMOAB_String read_opti
int rank = pcomms[*pid]->rank();
int nprocs=pcomms[*pid]->size();
// do a global id exchange, for all entities
// when I run the driver on 4 procs, some global ids are 0, unless I do this
// so there is a bug somewhere; after this change, global ids seem correct
Range ents;
rval = MBI->get_entities_by_handle(appDatas[*pid].file_set, ents, true);
if (MB_SUCCESS!=rval)
return 1;
rval = pcomms[*pid]->exchange_tags(gtags[3], ents);
if (MB_SUCCESS!=rval)
return 1;
#if 1
// some debugging stuff
std::ostringstream outfile;
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