Commit dbce44c5 authored by Iulian Grindeanu's avatar Iulian Grindeanu Committed by vijaysm
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include a c driver

also, include a h5m test file, partitioned, and with some material
and neumann sets
it will be the guinea pig file for testing
parent f8fe4ab6
Steps to test driver.c interface:
1) compile imoab.o
cd ../src
make imoab.o
2) compile driver.o
cd ../test
make driver.o
make driver
// test driver with ./driver p8ex1.h5m
#include "mpi.h"
#include "../src/moab/imoab.h"
#include <string.h>
#define CHECKRC(rc, message) if (0!=rc) { printf ("%s", message); return 1;}
int main(int argc, char * argv[])
char * filen = "p8ex1.h5m";
if (argc>1)
filen = argv[1];
ErrCode rc = iMOABInitialize(argc, argv);
CHECKRC(rc, "failed to initialize MOAB");
int num_global_vertices=0, num_global_elements=0, num_dimension=0, num_parts=0;
rc = ReadHeaderInfo ( filen, &num_global_vertices, &num_global_elements, &num_dimension,
&num_parts, (int)strlen(filen) );
CHECKRC(rc, "failed to read header info");
printf("file %s has %d vertices, %d elements, %d parts in partition\n", filen,
num_global_vertices, num_global_elements, num_parts);
rc = iMOABFinalize();
CHECKRC(rc, "failed to finalize MOAB");
return 0;
# MOAB_DIR points to top-level install dir, below which MOAB's lib/ and include/ are located
MOAB_BUILD_DIR := /homes/iulian/source/MOAB14
MOAB_DIR := /homes/iulian/lib/moab14
ifneq ($(wildcard ${MOAB_DIR}/lib/moab.make),)
include ${MOAB_DIR}/lib/moab.make
include ${MOAB_DIR}/lib/
include ${MOAB_BUILD_DIR}/moab.make
include ${MOAB_BUILD_DIR}/itaps/imesh/
.SUFFIXES: .o .cpp .F90
driver: driver.o ${MOAB_LIBDIR}/
${MOAB_CXX} -o $@ $< ../src/imoab.o ${MOAB_LIBS_LINK}
rm -rf *.o *.mod *.h5m ${ALLEXAMPLES}
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