Commit cc2f858d authored by Iulian Grindeanu's avatar Iulian Grindeanu
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remove the default isRow value from Matrix3 constructor

force the user to specify if it is row based or column based
it should avoid confusion
OrientedBox class uses columns for default constructor, while
Matrix3 is stored row-based
parent e2f38082
......@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ public:
inline Matrix3( const Vector & row0,
const Vector & row1,
const Vector & row2,
const bool isRow=true) {
const bool isRow) {
if (isRow) {
_mat << row0[0], row0[1], row0[2],
row1[0], row1[1], row1[2],
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ const OrientedBox offsetbox( unitaxes, unitcenter );
// define non-unit centered at origin
const Matrix3 origaxes ( 5*unitaxes.col(0),
0.1*unitaxes.col(2) );
0.1*unitaxes.col(2) , true);
const OrientedBox oblongbox( origaxes, origin );
// define non-axis-aligned box at origin (non unit) ;
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