Commit 66054397 authored by Iulian Grindeanu's avatar Iulian Grindeanu Committed by vijaysm
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Improve the Fortran example

* All characters passed are terminated with CHAR(0), null in C
* All arrays are allocated in client; for f77, static allocation
IWORK and DWORK() are working arrays
* Queries are returned in these arrays, integer or double
keep a pointer for the free memory (ifree and dfree)
parent e6416c5d
......@@ -781,7 +781,8 @@ FILE_PATTERNS = *.cpp \
*.c \
*.h \
*.dox \
*.F90 \
# The RECURSIVE tag can be used to specify whether or not subdirectories should
# be searched for input files as well.
......@@ -796,7 +797,7 @@ RECURSIVE = YES
# Note that relative paths are relative to the directory from which doxygen is
# run.
EXCLUDE = ../src/moab/mhdf.h
EXCLUDE = ../src/moab/mhdf.h ../src/iMOAB.cpp
# The EXCLUDE_SYMLINKS tag can be used to select whether or not files or
# directories that are symbolic links (a Unix file system feature) are excluded
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
#define iMOAB_GetMeshInfo imoab_getmeshinfo_
#define iMOAB_GetVertexID imoab_getvertexid_
#define iMOAB_GetVertexOwnership imoab_getvertexownership_
#define iMOAB_GetVisibleVerticesCoordinates imoab_getvisibleverticescoordinates
#define iMOAB_GetVisibleVerticesCoordinates imoab_getvisibleverticescoordinates_
#define iMOAB_GetBlockID imoab_getblockid_
#define iMOAB_GetBlockInfo imoab_getblockinfo_
#define iMOAB_GetVisibleElementsInfo imoab_getvisibleelementsinfo_
SUBROUTINE errorout(ierr, message)
integer ierr
character (*) message
if ( then
print *, message
call exit (1)
end if
program fdriver
C include '/home/iulian/3rdparty/mpich-3.1/install/include/mpif.h'
include 'mpif.h'
integer ierr, num_procs, my_id
integer pid
character*10 appname
character*132 filename
character*150 readopts
integer ngv, nge, ndim, nparts
integer nghlay
integer nverts(3), nelem(3), nblocks(3), nsbc(3), ndbc(3);
C large enough work arrays
integer iwork(100000)
real*8 dwork(100000)
C indices in work arrays for vertex ids, ranks, coordinates
integer vID, vRA, vCO
C indices for free memory (index in integer or double work arrays)
integer ifree, dfree
C size of coordinates array
integer nCO
integer bID
C for some tags in the file
character*20 tagname1, tagname2
integer tagtype(2), enttype(2), num_co
integer tagindex(2)
integer stags(2), itags(2), ntsync
integer eRA, beID, eID
C vertice per element, number of elements in block
integer vpere, nebl, blockID
C iWORK(eCO) start for connectivity
integer sizeconn, eCO
C IWORK(egID) , IWORK(elID) starts for global el ID, local elem ID
integer egID, elID, eOWN
integer iTAG, dTAG
C indices for surface BC element, reference surf BC, value
integer isBC, irBC, ivBC
character*100 outfile, wopts
call MPI_INIT ( ierr )
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to initialize MPI')
c find out MY process ID, and how many processes were started.
call MPI_COMM_RANK (MPI_COMM_WORLD, my_id, ierr)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to get MPI rank')
call MPI_COMM_SIZE (MPI_COMM_WORLD, num_procs, ierr)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to get MPI size')
if (my_id .eq. 0) then
print *, " I'm process ", my_id, " out of ",
& num_procs, " processes."
end if
ierr = iMOAB_InitializeFortran()
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to initialize iMOAB')
appname = 'PROTEUS'
appname = 'PROTEUS'//CHAR(0)
ierr = iMOAB_RegisterFortranApplication(appname, MPI_COMM_WORLD,
& pid)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to register application')
filename ='p8ex1.h5m'//CHAR(0)
ierr = iMOAB_ReadHeaderInfo ( filename, ngv, nge, ndim, nparts)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to read header info')
if (0.eq.my_id) then
print *, filename, ' has ', nparts, ' parts in partition',
& ngv, ' vertices ', nge, ' elements of dimension ', ndim
C number of ghost layers needed by application
nghlay = 1
ierr = iMOAB_LoadMesh(pid, filename, readopts, nghlay)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to read file in parallel')
C number of
ierr = iMOAB_GetMeshInfo(pid, nverts, nelem, nblocks, nsbc, ndbc)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to get mesh info')
vID = 1
ierr = iMOAB_GetVertexID(pid, nverts(3), IWORK(vID) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get vertex id info')
vRA = vID + nverts(3)
ierr = iMOAB_GetVertexOwnership(pid, nverts(3), IWORK(vRA) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get vertex owner ranks')
ifree = vRA + nverts(3)
C double * coords = (double*) malloc(3*nverts[2]*sizeof(double));
vCO = 1
nCO = 3 * nverts(3)
ierr = iMOAB_GetVisibleVerticesCoordinates(pid, nCO, DWORK(vCO))
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get coordinates')
dfree = vCO + 3 * nverts(3)
bID = ifree
ierr = iMOAB_GetBlockID(pid, nblocks(3), IWORK(bID))
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get block info')
ifree = ifree + nblocks(3)
C the 2 tags used in this example exist in the file, already
C first tag, INTFIELD is on vertices, integer
C second tag DFIELD is on elements, double
tagtype(1)=0 !dense, int
tagtype(2)=1 !dense, double
enttype(1)=0 ! on verts
enttype(2)=1 ! on elem
num_co = 1
tagname1 ='INTFIELD'//CHAR(0)
ierr = iMOAB_DefineTagStorage(pid, tagname1, tagtype(1), num_co,
& tagindex(1) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get tag INTFIELD')
tagname2 ='DFIELD'//CHAR(0)
ierr = iMOAB_DefineTagStorage(pid, tagname2, tagtype(2), num_co,
& tagindex(2) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get tag DFIELD')
C synchronize one of the tags only, just to see what happens
C put in the sync array just first tag index (INTFIELD)
ntsync =1
stags(1) = tagIndex(1)
itags(1) = tagType(1)
ierr = iMOAB_SynchronizeTags(pid, ntsync, stags, itags )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to sync tag INTFIELD')
C start printing some information, retrieved from each task
do irk=0, num_procs-1
if (irk .eq. my_id) then
C printf some of the block info */
print *, 'on rank ', my_id, ' there are '
print *, nverts(3), ' visible vertices of which ',nverts(1),
& ' local ', nverts(2), ' ghost'
print *, nblocks(3), ' visible blocks'
print *, nsbc(3), ' visible Neumann BCs'
print *, ndbc(3), ' visible dirichlet BCs'
print *, 'on rank ', my_id, ' vertex info:'
do i=1,nverts(3)
write(*, 100) i, IWORK(vRA+i-1), IWORK( vID+i-1),
& DWORK(vCO+3*i-3), DWORK(vCO+3*i-2), DWORK(vCO+3*i-1)
100 FORMAT(' vertex local id ', I3, ' rank ID', I3, ' global ID:'
& , I3, ' coords:', 3F11.3)
eID = ifree
beID = eID + nelem(3)
eRA = beID + nelem(3)
ierr = iMOAB_GetVisibleElementsInfo(pid, nelem(3),IWORK(eID),
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get all elem info')
ifree = eRA + nelem(3)
do i=1, nelem(3)
write(*, 101) IWORK(eID+i-1), IWORK(eRA+i-1), IWORK(beID+i-1)
101 FORMAT( ' global ID ', I5, ' rank: ',
& I3, ' block ID: ' I4)
do i=1,nblocks(3)
print *,' block index:', i, ' block ID ', IWORK(bID+i-1)
blockID = IWORK(bID+i-1)
ierr = iMOAB_GetBlockInfo(pid, blockID , vpere, nebl)
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to elem block info')
print *, ' has' , nebl, ' elements with ', vpere, 'verts'
sizeconn = nebl * vpere
eCO = ifree
ierr = iMOAB_GetBlockElementConnectivities(pid, blockID,
& sizeconn, IWORK(eCO) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get block elem connectivity')
ifree = ifree + sizeconn
eOWN = ifree
ierr = iMOAB_GetElementOwnership(pid, blockID, nebl,
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get block elem ownership')
ifree = ifree+nebl
egID = ifree
elID = ifree + nebl
ierr = iMOAB_GetElementID(pid, blockID, nebl,
& IWORK(egID), IWORK(elID) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get block elem IDs')
ifree = elID + nebl
do j=1, nebl
write (*, 102) j, IWORK(eOWN+j-1),IWORK(egID+j-1),
& IWORK(elID+j-1), (IWORK(eCO-1+(j-1)*vpere+k), k=1,vpere)
102 FORMAT(' elem ', I3, ' owned by', I3, ' gid:', I3, ' lid:',
& I3, ' : ', 10I5)
C query int tag values on vertices
iTAG= ifree
ierr = iMOAB_GetIntTagStorage(pid, tagname1, nverts(3),
& enttype(1), IWORK(iTAG) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get INTFIELD tag')
ifree = iTAG + nverts(3)
print * , 'INTFIELD tag values'
write(*, 103) (IWORK(iTAG+k-1), k=1,nverts(3) )
103 FORMAT (10I8)
dTAG = dfree
C query double tag values on elements
ierr = iMOAB_GetDoubleTagStorage(pid, tagname2, nelem(3),
& entType(2), DWORK(dTAG) )
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get DFIELD tag')
dfree = dTAG + nelem(3)
print *, 'DFIELD tag values: (not exchanged) '
write (*, 104) (DWORK(dTAG+k-1), k=1,nelem(3) )
104 FORMAT ( 10F7.2 )
C query surface BCs
isBC = ifree
irBC = isBC + nsbc(3)
ivBC = irBC + nsbc(3)
ierr = iMOAB_GetPointerToSurfaceBC(pid, nsbc(3), IWORK(isBC),
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get surf boundary conditions')
ifree = ivBC + nsbc(3)
print * , 'Surface boundary conditions '
write (*, 105) (IWORK(isBC+k-1),
& IWORK(irBC+k-1), IWORK(ivBC+k-1), k=1, nsbc(3))
105 FORMAT (' elem localID: ', I3, ' side:', I1, ' val:', I4)
C query vertex BCs
iveBC = ifree
ivaBC = iveBC + ndbc(3)
ierr = iMOAB_GetPointerToVertexBC(pid, ndbc(3), IWORK(iveBC),
& IWORK(ivaBC))
call errorout(ierr, 'failed to get vertex boundary conditions')
ifree = ivaBC + ndbc(3)
print *, ' Vertex boundary conditions:'
write (*, 106) (IWORK(iveBC+k-1),
& IWORK(ivaBC+k-1), k=1, ndbc(3))
106 FORMAT (' vertex: ', I3, ' BC:', I6 )
call MPI_Barrier(MPI_COMM_WORLD, ierr)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail at barrier')
outfile = 'fnew.h5m'//CHAR(0)
ierr = iMOAB_WriteMesh(pid, outfile, wopts)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to write the mesh file')
ierr = iMOAB_DeregisterApplication(pid)
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to deregister application')
ierr = iMOAB_Finalize()
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to finalize iMOAB')
call MPI_FINALIZE ( ierr )
call errorout(ierr, 'fail to finalize MPI')
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