Commit 49c2fb76 authored by Iulian Grindeanu's avatar Iulian Grindeanu Committed by vijaysm
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Initial commit: Adding iMOAB interface header based on design decisions

and discussions with several applications teams at ANL.
parent 7706bfe7
imoab: simple interface to moab
callable from c, fortran77, fortran90; fortran 2003 ?
pass everything by reference, so we do not have to use %VAL()
this will create the moab instance, if not created already
pass pointer to the number of command line arguments and
pointer to command line arguments
ErrorCode initialize_moab(int * pargc, char *** pargv);
deletes the moab instance
ErrorCode finalize_moab();
register application
(internally, a mesh set will be associated with this integer; all mesh
for this application will reside in this mesh/file set)
whenever something is required about the mesh, this integer id will need to be passed
\param app_name application name (PROTEUS, NEK5000, etc)
\param (out) pid application id pointer
\param (in) length of application name
ErrorCode register_application(char * app_name, int * pid, int len_name);
Get global information from the file
\param (in) pid application id
\param filename
\param (out) GlobalVertices
\param (out) GlobalElements (highest dimension only?)
\param (out) NumDimensions ( 2 or 3 )
\param (out) NumPartitions
\param (in) file name length
ErrorCode read_header_info (int *pid, char * filename, int * GlobalVertices, int * GlobalElements, int * NumDimensions, int * NumPartitions, int len_filename);
load mesh and ghost if needed
\param (in) pid application id
\param (in) filename
\param (in) comm MPI communicator
\param (in) ghost_layers
\param (in) len_filename
(this will exchange ghosts and exchange all important tags, like
global id, material(block) tags, neumann tags and dirichlett tags
or should the exchange happen explicitly for the tags user specifies? )
ErrorCode load_mesh(int * pid, char * filename, MPI_Comm * comm, int * ghost_layers, int len_filename);
obtain local mesh size information
\param (in) pid application id
\param (out) visibleVertices
\param (out) VisibleBlocks
\param (out) VisibleSurfaceBC
\param (out) VisibleVertexBC
ErrorCode get_mesh_info(int *pid, int * visibleVertices, int *VisibleBlocks,
int * VisibleSurfaceBC, int * VisibleVertexBC);
get vertex coordinates
\param (in) pid
\param (in/out) coords pointer to memory that will be filled with
interleaved coordinates
\param (in/out) len; at input, usable memory (3*numv?); on output, actual
ErrorCode get_visible_vertices_coordinates(int *pid, double * coords, int * len);
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