Commit 767e0316 authored by Ross Burton's avatar Ross Burton Committed by Nigel Stewart
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Fix build race in Makefile

The current rule for the binaries is:

glew.bin: glew.lib bin bin/$(GLEWINFO.BIN) bin/$(VISUALINFO.BIN)

In parallel builds, all of those targets happen at the same time. This
means that 'bin' can happen *after* 'bin/$(GLEWINFO.BIN)', which is a
problem as the 'bin' target's responsibility is to create the directory
that the other target writes into.

Solve this by not having a separate 'create directory' target which is
fundamentally racy, and simply mkdir in each target which writes into it.
parent 679a3b17
......@@ -171,21 +171,20 @@ VISUALINFO.BIN.OBJ := $(VISUALINFO.BIN.OBJ:.c=.o)
# Don't build glewinfo or visualinfo for NaCL, yet.
ifneq ($(filter nacl%,$(SYSTEM)),)
glew.bin: glew.lib bin
glew.bin: glew.lib
glew.bin: glew.lib bin bin/$(GLEWINFO.BIN) bin/$(VISUALINFO.BIN)
glew.bin: glew.lib bin/$(GLEWINFO.BIN) bin/$(VISUALINFO.BIN)
mkdir bin
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
ifneq ($(STRIP),)
$(STRIP) -x $@
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
ifneq ($(STRIP),)
$(STRIP) -x $@
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