Commit 3d9e4808 authored by Danilo Margarido's avatar Danilo Margarido Committed by Nigel Stewart
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Finer control over glew.lib

Allows building both, shared-only or static-only.
parent cdc3aeac
......@@ -98,7 +98,10 @@ LIB.OBJS := $(LIB.OBJS:.c=.o)
LIB.SOBJS := $(addprefix tmp/$(SYSTEM)/default/shared/,$(LIB.SRCS.NAMES))
glew.lib: lib lib/$(LIB.SHARED) lib/$(LIB.STATIC) glew.pc
glew.lib: glew.lib.shared glew.lib.static
glew.lib.shared: lib lib/$(LIB.SHARED) glew.pc
glew.lib.static: lib lib/$(LIB.STATIC) glew.pc
mkdir lib
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