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......@@ -604,6 +604,8 @@ Octree Collision
An octree is an axis-aligned hierarchical data structure that is generated by recursively subdividing the axis-aligned bounding box (AABB) into eight equally-sized cells as necessary. Generally speaking, the choice of whether to subdivide an octree node or not depends on the density of information present at that node which in this case is the geometry of the primitives.
.. centered:: |image10|
A brute-force way to find collisions between a set of n disjointed primitives can mean testing all the possible pairs which can be computationally prohibitive requiring O(n2) work. The broad phase of the collision detection aims to efficiently eliminate a subset of primitive pairs (also called culling) that are guaranteed not to collide thus leaving only fewer combinations for which expensive geometric tests are performed. An efficient broad phase algorithm aims to minimize the size of the left out pairs while still retaining guarantees (i.e., all the colliding pairs are part of this set).
The broad phase of the octree collision detection consists of two stages:
......@@ -1392,4 +1394,8 @@ Bibliography
.. |image9| image:: media/cloth.png
:width: 507px
:height: 407px
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:height: 407px
.. |image10| image:: media/octree.png
:width: 521px
:height: 322px
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