Commit d5991747 authored by Hank Childs's avatar Hank Childs

rename half variable to avoid shadowing CUDA global

parent 954e2587
......@@ -164,9 +164,9 @@ VTKM_EXEC Scalar GetTriangleArea(const CollectionOfPoints& pts)
const Vector L0 = GetTriangleL0<Scalar, Vector, CollectionOfPoints>(pts);
const Vector L1 = GetTriangleL1<Scalar, Vector, CollectionOfPoints>(pts);
const Scalar half(0.5);
const Scalar hhalf(0.5);
const Scalar crossProductMagnitude = vtkm::Sqrt(vtkm::MagnitudeSquared(vtkm::Cross(L0, L1)));
const Scalar area = half * crossProductMagnitude;
const Scalar area = hhalf * crossProductMagnitude;
return area;
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