Commit c6d30956 authored by Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot Committed by Robert Maynard

taotuple 2019-10-08 (0d1e4dfd)

Code extracted from:

at commit 0d1e4dfdbfd8acd9694191faf7dbb499d18b39df (for/vtk-m).
parent 5c34b791
......@@ -43,11 +43,13 @@ namespace vtkmstd
using simple_tuple::get;
using simple_tuple::make_tuple;
using simple_tuple::tuple;
using simple_tuple::tuple_element;
using simple_tuple::tuple_size;
using tao::get;
using tao::make_tuple;
using tao::tuple;
using tao::tuple_element;
using tao::tuple_size;
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