Commit 79f7f827 authored by Sujin Philip's avatar Sujin Philip

Fix UnitTestError failure

Compiler optimization may remove recursion and other function calls so we
cannot rely on the number of stack frames to be consistent.
parent 901711bf
......@@ -48,7 +48,14 @@ void ValidateError(const vtkm::cont::Error& error)
std::string assert_msg = "StackTrace did not recurse: (" + std::to_string(count) + " <= 5)";
#if defined(NDEBUG)
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(count > 5, assert_msg);
// The compiler can optimize out the recursive function and any other functions in release
// mode, but the backtrace should contain atleast one entry
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(count >= 1, assert_msg);
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(test_equal(message, error.GetMessage()), "Message was incorrect");
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(test_equal(message + "\n" + stackTrace, std::string(error.what())),
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