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    Revert spelling correction in GitSetup script · 39436936
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    A recent merge request corrected several spelling errors in VTK-m.
    One such correction was in the git-gitlab-sync script in the
    Utilities/GitSetup directory. This commit reverts the change in
    this specific file for two reasons.
    1. The changed introduced a \' inside a single quote string (to
    correct cant to can't). However, single quotes in shell scripts
    do not allow you to escape characters like that, and thus this
    causes an error when running the script.
    2. This script actually comes from a separate repository
    (https://gitlab.kitware.com/utils/gitsetup) that we occasionally
    syncronize with. To prevent confusion, we should minimize the
    divergence between this repository and that one. If someone wants
    to make this change, it should really be made in the GitSetup
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