Commit e91401ac authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

Enable SetupForDevelopment in VTK-m

parent 569655c4
url =
url =
host =
group-path = vtk
group-name = VTK
project-path = vtk-m
project-name = VTK-m
#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd "${BASH_SOURCE%/*}/.." &&
Utilities/GitSetup/setup-user && echo &&
Utilities/GitSetup/setup-hooks && echo &&
(Utilities/GitSetup/setup-upstream ||
echo 'Failed to setup origin. Run this again to retry.') && echo &&
(Utilities/GitSetup/setup-gitlab ||
echo 'Failed to setup GitLab. Run this again to retry.') && echo &&
echo "Setting up useful Git aliases..." &&
# Rebase master by default
git config rebase.stat true
git config branch.master.rebase true
# General aliases that could be global
git config alias.pullall '!bash -c "git pull && git submodule update --init"' &&
git config alias.prepush 'log --graph --stat origin/master..' &&
# Alias to push the current topic branch to GitLab
git config alias.gitlab-push '!bash Utilities/GitSetup/git-gitlab-push' &&
echo "Set up git gitlab-push" &&
git config alias.gitlab-sync '!bash Utilities/GitSetup/git-gitlab-sync' &&
echo "Set up git gitlab-sync" &&
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