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      Make PrintSummary actually work for Field and CoordinateSystem. · 9cd8cb22
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The PrintSummary for CoordinateSystem went in an infinite loop. It was
      supposed to call PrintSummary of its superclass (Field), but instead it
      called itself.
      The PrintSummary for Field only worked for fields of type vtkm::Float32.
      To make it work for all array types, I added a PrintSummary method to
      DynamicArrayHandle, and Field calls that without trying to cast to a
      static type.
  7. 25 Aug, 2015 2 commits
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      CoordinateSystem handles uniform point coordinates. · a99f828c
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The point of making CoordinateSystem a special type of Field object
      was so that it could handle special array types like implicit regular
      point coordinates. Overload the GetData and GetBounds methods to
      properly handle this type of array.
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      Have CoordinateSystem inherit from Field · 9f624f0a
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Previously, coordinate systems in a DataSet simply pointed to field data
      specifying the coordinate information (although the ability to get that
      back out of the DataSet was missing). This makes sense since point
      coordinates are in fact just fields with a particular semantic meaning
      to them.
      However, there is an issue with this approach. It turns out that there
      are special representations that are very common for point coordinates
      and very uncommon for other types of fields. For example, a uniform
      (a.k.a. regular or image) grid has point coordinates that are easily
      derived from the point index, but such fields are quite uncommon
      Representing this kind of structure in the Field list of a DataSet is
      problematic. Either all fields have to check to see if they are this
      type, which will cause an explosion of unnecessary generated code, or
      you will have to actually write out the coordinates in memory, which is
      really wasteful but what was done previously.
  8. 27 Jul, 2015 1 commit
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      Conform DataSet classes to coding practices better · 19db32f0
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The most common changes were making class members uppercase and spelled
      out, adding "this->" whenever a class member is used, and declare
      functions and members with export macros. Also fixed some uses of int
      (instead of vtkm::Id or something similar) and a bit of indentation. I
      also sprinkled some const goodness over the code.
      It should be noted that I had about a week delay between first making
      these changes and checking them in. In the mean time Sujin also made
      some similar changes, so there might be some repetative changes.
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