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      Add utility include to Pair.h · 30893f0b
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Pair.h references std::Pair, which is defined in the utility header.
      Thus, that should really be included.
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      Disable the timing test for FunctionInterface. · e2e8a3ad
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      There is a test that tries to determine that the Invoke methods in
      FunctionInterface do not add an unreasonable overhead. However, this
      test is unreliable. Also, the most critical performance hit would be in
      invoking a worklet operation, but that is now done elsewhere anyway.
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      Merge branch 'pgi-fixes' · 8bc96558
      Kenneth Moreland authored
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      delete operator and std::allocator are not necessarily the same · bc3e1ebd
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The unit test for StorageBasic tested the StealArray feature and then
      used the delete[] operator on the stolen array to deallocate it. For
      many standard libraries the default implementation for delete[] is
      the same as (or at least compatible with) std::allocator, but for
      the PGI compiler they were not compatible and this resulted in a
      run-time error. This change fixes the problem with the test by using
      the same allocator as the StorageBasic test.
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      Fix ICC warnings. · 343c12b5
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      ICC can be pretty thorough about finding unused elements. In this case
      it was picking up an unused method in instances of a templated class
      in an anonymous namespace. It was a method that should be there due to
      the nature of the class, but it happened to not be used (which was OK,
      too). To get around the problem, I just added some use of that method
      in another method.
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      Add checks for signature tags · 51e3b2bb
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      It's easy to put accidently put something that is not a valid tag in a
      ControlSignature or ExecutionSignature. Previously, when you did that
      you got a weird error at the end of a very long template instantiation
      chain that made it difficult to find the offending worklet.
      This adds some type checks when the dispatcher is instantated to check
      the signatures. It doesn't point directly to the signature or its
      parameter, but it is much closer.
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      Fix MSVC warnings · 40efb513
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      MSVC is picky about type conversions. To get it to shut up, explicitly
      cast the worklet return value to the fetch value in the
      WorkletInvokeFunctor. The good is that it will help with needing
      explicit conversions on these return values. But that is also bad in
      that it might make some unexpected conversions possible.
  12. 22 Oct, 2014 2 commits