Commit 85084f2c authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

ScatterIdentity::GetVisitArray parameters are now named properly

Now it is clear you pass in the input range and you will get the output
parent 86ecad65
......@@ -53,14 +53,14 @@ struct ScatterIdentity
typedef vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleConstant<vtkm::IdComponent> VisitArrayType;
VisitArrayType GetVisitArray(vtkm::Id outputRange) const
VisitArrayType GetVisitArray(vtkm::Id inputRange) const
return VisitArrayType(1, outputRange);
return VisitArrayType(1, inputRange);
VisitArrayType GetVisitArray(vtkm::Id3 outputRange) const
VisitArrayType GetVisitArray(vtkm::Id3 inputRange) const
return this->GetVisitArray(outputRange[0]*outputRange[1]*outputRange[2]);
return this->GetVisitArray(inputRange[0]*inputRange[1]*inputRange[2]);
template<typename RangeType>
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