Commit 7ee51f65 authored by Abhishek Yenpure's avatar Abhishek Yenpure

Adding clipping test for volumetric data

- Added to detect cases like bug #329
- This is just to execute the clipping filter with a larger
  dataset, and to ensure it can pass without failures and crashes.
parent f0a342e4
......@@ -91,10 +91,31 @@ void TestClipExplicit()
// Adding for testing cases like Bug #329
// Other tests cover the specific cases of clipping, this test
// is to execute the clipping filter for a larger dataset.
// In this case the output is not verified against a sample.
void TestClipVolume()
std::cout << "Testing Clip Filter on volumetric data" << std::endl;
vtkm::Id3 dims(10, 10, 10);
vtkm::cont::testing::MakeTestDataSet maker;
vtkm::cont::DataSet ds = maker.Make3DUniformDataSet3(dims);
vtkm::filter::ClipWithField clip;
clip.SetFieldsToPass("pointvar", vtkm::cont::Field::Association::POINTS);
const vtkm::cont::DataSet outputData = clip.Execute(ds);
void TestClip()
//todo: add more clip tests
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