Commit 5ced0da8 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

Try to ice the ubuntu 17.10 + cuda 9.1 compiler

parent 6c6ebaff
......@@ -29,10 +29,164 @@
#include <vtkm/cont/cuda/DeviceAdapterCuda.h>
#include <vtkm/testing/TestingMath.h>
#include <vtkm/worklet/DispatcherMapField.h>
#include <vtkm/worklet/WorkletMapField.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <iostream>
#include <limits>
#include <random>
#include <vector>
#include "curand_kernel.h"
struct TriggerICE : public vtkm::worklet::WorkletMapField
using ControlSignature = void(FieldIn<>, FieldIn<>, FieldOut<>);
using ExecutionSignature = _3(_1, _2, WorkIndex);
#if __CUDA_ARCH__
template <class ValueType>
__device__ ValueType operator()(const ValueType& bad,
const ValueType& sane,
const vtkm::Id sequenceId) const
curandState_t state;
//Each thread uses same seed but different sequence numbers
curand_init(42, sequenceId, 0, &state);
int signBad = vtkm::SignBit(bad);
int signGood = vtkm::SignBit(bad);
vtkm::Vec<ValueType, 3> coord = { vtkm::Abs(bad * sane),
bad * sane + (ValueType)signBad,
bad * sane + (ValueType)signGood };
for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i)
for (int j = 0; j < 3; ++j)
if (vtkm::IsNan(coord[j]))
coord[j] = curand_normal(&state) * 5.0f;
coord[j] = vtkm::Sqrt(vtkm::Dot(coord, coord));
if (coord[j] <= 1.0f)
coord[j] += 1.0f;
if (vtkm::IsInf(coord[j]))
coord[j] = curand_normal(&state) * 8.0f;
coord[j] = vtkm::Tan(vtkm::Cos(vtkm::Dot(coord, coord)));
return coord[0] * 4.0f + coord[1] * 4.0f + coord[2] * 4.0f;
template <class ValueType>
ValueType operator()(const ValueType& bad, const ValueType& sane, const vtkm::Id sequenceId) const
return bad + sane * sequenceId;
template <typename Device>
void RunEdgeCases()
std::cout << "Testing complicated worklets that can cause NVCC to ICE." << std::endl;
//When running CUDA on unsupported hardware we find that IsInf, IsNan, and
//SignBit can cause the CUDA compiler to crash. This test is a consistent
//way to detect this.
//The way it works is we generate all kinds of nasty floating point values
//such as signaling Nan, quiet Nan, other Nans, +Inf, -Inf, -0, +0, a collection of
//denormal numbers, and the min and max float values
//and than a random collection of values from normal float space. We combine this
//array which we will call 'bad' with another input array which we will call 'sane',
//We than execute a worklet that takes values stored in 'bad' and 'sane' that does
//some computation that takes into account the results of IsInf, IsNan, and
const vtkm::Id desired_size = 2048;
std::vector<float> sanevalues;
std::vector<float> badvalues = { std::numeric_limits<float>::signaling_NaN(),
std::numeric_limits<float>::infinity() * -1,
std::nextafter(std::numeric_limits<float>::min(), 0.0f),
std::numeric_limits<float>::denorm_min() *
(1 + std::numeric_limits<float>::epsilon()),
std::nextafter(std::numeric_limits<float>::min(), 0.0f) *
(1 + std::numeric_limits<float>::epsilon()),
std::numeric_limits<float>::max() };
const std::size_t bad_size = badvalues.size();
const vtkm::Id bad_size_as_id = static_cast<vtkm::Id>(bad_size);
//construct a random number generator
std::mt19937 rng;
std::uniform_real_distribution<float> range(-1.0f, 1.0f);
// now add in some random numbers to the bad values
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < desired_size - bad_size; ++i)
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < desired_size; ++i)
auto bad = vtkm::cont::make_ArrayHandle(badvalues);
auto sane = vtkm::cont::make_ArrayHandle(sanevalues);
decltype(sane) result;
vtkm::worklet::DispatcherMapField<TriggerICE, Device> dispatcher;
dispatcher.Invoke(bad, sane, result);
auto portal = result.GetPortalConstControl();
//the first 6 values should be nan
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(vtkm::IsNan(portal.Get(0)), "Value should be NaN.");
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(vtkm::IsNan(portal.Get(1)), "Value should be NaN.");
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(vtkm::IsNan(portal.Get(2)), "Value should be NaN.");
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(vtkm::IsNan(portal.Get(3)), "Value should be NaN.");
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(vtkm::IsNan(portal.Get(4)), "Value should be NaN.");
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(vtkm::IsNan(portal.Get(5)), "Value should be NaN.");
for (vtkm::Id i = bad_size_as_id; i < desired_size; ++i)
{ //The rest of the values shouldn't be Nan or Inf
auto v = portal.Get(i);
const bool valid = !vtkm::IsNan(v) && !vtkm::IsInf(v);
VTKM_TEST_ASSERT(valid, "value shouldn't be NaN or INF");
} //namespace
int UnitTestCudaMath(int, char* [])
auto tracker = vtkm::cont::GetGlobalRuntimeDeviceTracker();
return vtkm::cont::testing::Testing::Run(
int tests_valid = vtkm::cont::testing::Testing::Run(
tests_valid += vtkm::cont::testing::Testing::Run(RunEdgeCases<vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterTagCuda>);
return tests_valid;
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