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Commit 3e3baad6 authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland

Add better queries to vtkm::exec::arg::BoundaryState

Previously, vtkm::exec::arg::BoundaryState only provided methods that
said whether or not the neighborhood extened past the boundary of a
mesh. That is fine for a 3x3x3 neighborhood, which can only extend over
the boundary by one. However, that is problematic for larger
neighborhoods where you may need to know how far neighborhood extends
over the boundary.

This changes allows you to query how far the neighborhood extends within
the constrains of the boundary.
parent 8497febf
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ struct Neighborhood
VTKM_ASSERT(i <= NeighborhoodSize && i >= -NeighborhoodSize);
VTKM_ASSERT(j <= NeighborhoodSize && j >= -NeighborhoodSize);
VTKM_ASSERT(k <= NeighborhoodSize && k >= -NeighborhoodSize);
return Portal.Get(this->Boundary->ClampAndFlatten(i, j, k));
return Portal.Get(this->Boundary->NeighborIndexToFlatIndexClamp(i, j, k));
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ struct Neighborhood
VTKM_ASSERT(ijk[0] <= NeighborhoodSize && ijk[0] >= -NeighborhoodSize);
VTKM_ASSERT(ijk[1] <= NeighborhoodSize && ijk[1] >= -NeighborhoodSize);
VTKM_ASSERT(ijk[2] <= NeighborhoodSize && ijk[2] >= -NeighborhoodSize);
return Portal.Get(this->Boundary->ClampAndFlatten(ijk));
return Portal.Get(this->Boundary->NeighborIndexToFlatIndexClamp(ijk));
vtkm::exec::arg::BoundaryState const* const Boundary;
......@@ -93,17 +93,15 @@ struct Neighborhood<NeighborhoodSize, vtkm::internal::ArrayPortalUniformPointCoo
using ValueType = vtkm::internal::ArrayPortalUniformPointCoordinates::ValueType;
ValueType Get(vtkm::Id i, vtkm::Id j, vtkm::Id k) const
ValueType Get(vtkm::IdComponent i, vtkm::IdComponent j, vtkm::IdComponent k) const
this->Boundary->Clamp(i, j, k);
return Portal.Get(vtkm::Id3(i, j, k));
return Portal.Get(this->Boundary->NeighborIndexToFullIndexClamp(i, j, k));
ValueType Get(vtkm::Id3 ijk) const
ValueType Get(const vtkm::Vec<vtkm::IdComponent, 3>& ijk) const
return Portal.Get(ijk);
return Portal.Get(this->Boundary->NeighborIndexToFullIndexClamp(ijk));
vtkm::exec::arg::BoundaryState const* const Boundary;
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