Commit 2ebde380 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

Remove cyclic link between vtkm_developer_flags and vtkm_compiler_flags.

Fixes #263
The vtkm_developer_flags target should only be to be consumed by
parent 1e28a9e3
......@@ -87,7 +87,6 @@ target_include_directories(vtkm_compiler_flags INTERFACE
# vtkm_developer_flags is used ONLY BY libraries that are built as part of this
# repository
add_library(vtkm_developer_flags INTERFACE)
target_link_libraries(vtkm_developer_flags INTERFACE vtkm_compiler_flags)
# Additional warnings just for Clang 3.5+, and AppleClang 7+
# about failures to vectorize.
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