Commit 08061ab2 authored by Haocheng LIU's avatar Haocheng LIU Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'Allow-custom-range-in-histogram-filter'


 Allow histogram filter to take custom types
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Acked-by: Utkarsh Ayachit's avatarUtkarsh Ayachit <>
Merge-request: !1261
parents 31260373 5393745e
#Allow histogram filter to take custom types
By passing TypeList and StorageList type into FieldRangeGlobalCompute,
upstream users(VTK) can pass custom types into the histogram filter.
......@@ -232,14 +232,19 @@ template <typename DerivedPolicy>
inline VTKM_CONT void Histogram::PreExecute(const vtkm::cont::MultiBlock& input,
const vtkm::filter::PolicyBase<DerivedPolicy>&)
using TypeList = typename DerivedPolicy::FieldTypeList;
using StorageList = typename DerivedPolicy::FieldStorageList;
if (this->Range.IsNonEmpty())
this->ComputedRange = this->Range;
auto handle = vtkm::cont::FieldRangeGlobalCompute(
input, this->GetActiveFieldName(), this->GetActiveFieldAssociation());
auto handle = vtkm::cont::FieldRangeGlobalCompute(input,
if (handle.GetNumberOfValues() != 1)
throw vtkm::cont::ErrorFilterExecution("expecting scalar field.");
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