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    Speed up the timer test · 2d6a6394
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    Previously, UnitTestTimer paused for 1 second each time it wanted to
    test that the timer did (or didn't) record the time elapsing. This was
    done 3 times per test and tested seperately on (currently) 5 devices.
    The accumulated 15 seconds is not a whole lot, but it can add up when
    coupled with the well over 300 other tests.
    This change moves from the POSIX sleep function (which is limited to
    increments of 1 second) to the updated C++ thread/chrono classes. The
    amount of time to wait each time is now 0.25 seconds, which should speed
    the test up by 4 times. The risk is that the shorter wait times can
    throw off the results if the computer being run on is busy. If that is
    the case, we can bump up the wait time (perhaps to 0.5 seconds).
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