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      Add more operator= to ArrayPortalValueReference · b141f751
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Forward arguments to assignment operator in ArrayPoetalValueReference
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      Fix error about constexpr not available on CUDA device · ddc6c91e
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      For some reason, these changes caused one of the CUDA compilers to
      create an error about a variable declared constexpr not being available
      on the device. That sounds like a bug in nvcc as the constexpr should
      just be evaluated rather than stored in some part of memory. At any
      rate, changing the constexpr to a preprocessing macro solves the
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      Add specialized operators for ArrayPortalValueReference · 1ca55ac3
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The ArrayPortalValueReference is supposed to behave just like the value
      it encapsulates and does so by automatically converting to the base type
      when necessary. However, when it is possible to convert that to
      something else, it is possible to get errors about ambiguous overloads.
      To avoid these, add specialized versions of the operators to specify
      which ones should be used.
      Also consolidated the CUDA version of an ArrayPortalValueReference to the
      standard one. The two implementations were equivalent and we would like
      changes to apply to both.
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      Fix copyright statement check · d3ab05a7
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Do not check for the copyright statement for files in the third party
      directory. These files shouldn't have the VTK-m copyright. Frankly, I
      don't understand why this has not been a problem before.
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