Commit c02349a8 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard
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ListCrossProduct now uses a lazy evaluation implementation

The intel compiler could not generate code in a timely manner ( 12+ hours ) when
asked to produce a cross product of very long lists. By moving to a lazy
evaluation scheme we now have all compilers product a cross product in a
reasonable amount of time ( 2-4 seconds ).

This resolves Issues:
- vtk/vtk-m#190
- vtk/vtk#17196
parent 7b1b9e44
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ VTKM_CONT void ListForEach(Functor&& f, ListTag, Args&&... args)
/// Generate a tag that is the cross product of two other tags. The resulting
// a tag has the form of Tag< std::pair<A1,B1>, std::pair<A1,B2> .... >
// a tag has the form of Tag< brigand::list<A1,B1>, brigand::list<A1,B2> .... >
template <typename ListTag1, typename ListTag2>
struct ListCrossProduct : detail::ListRoot
......@@ -414,7 +414,7 @@ struct DynamicArrayHandleTry
template <typename T, typename U, typename... Args>
void operator()(std::pair<T, U>, Args&&... args) const
void operator()(brigand::list<T, U>, Args&&... args) const
using storage = vtkm::cont::internal::Storage<T, U>;
using invalid = typename std::is_base_of<vtkm::cont::internal::UndefinedStorage, storage>::type;
......@@ -210,31 +210,22 @@ VTKM_CONT void ListForEachImpl(Functor&& f,
std::forward<Functor>(f), brigand::list<ArgTypes...>{}, std::forward<Args>(args)...);
template <typename T, typename U, typename R>
struct ListCrossProductAppend
using type = brigand::push_back<T, std::pair<U, R>>;
template <typename T, typename U, typename R2>
struct ListCrossProductImplUnrollR2
using P =
ListCrossProductAppend<brigand::_state, brigand::_element, brigand::pin<U>>>;
using type = brigand::append<T, P>;
template <typename R1, typename R2>
struct ListCrossProductImpl
using type = brigand::fold<
ListCrossProductImplUnrollR2<brigand::_state, brigand::_element, brigand::pin<R1>>>;
//This is a lazy Cartesian product generator
//that was found inside the brigand apply test and runs on all compilers.
//The original version didn't work with Intel
using type = brigand::reverse_fold<
brigand::list<R1, R2>,
brigand::lazy::push_front<brigand::_1, brigand::parent<brigand::_1>>>>>>>>>>;
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ struct TestListTagUniversal : vtkm::ListTagUniversal
template <int N, int M>
std::pair<int, int> test_number(std::pair<TestClass<N>, TestClass<M>>)
std::pair<int, int> test_number(brigand::list<TestClass<N>, TestClass<M>>)
return std::make_pair(N, M);
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