Commit 98da5328 authored by Harald Scheirich's avatar Harald Scheirich
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BUG: fix Linux build failure for debug mode

parent 37f3a0de
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ TetraTriangleMap::isValid() const
auto meshMaster = static_cast<TetrahedralMesh*>(m_master.get());
#if defined(DEBUG) || defined(_DEBUG) || !defined(NDEBUG)
CHECK(dynamic_cast<TetrahedralMesh*>(m_master.get())) << "Fail to cast from geometry to mesh";
CHECK(dynamic_cast<TetrahedralMesh*>(m_master.get()) != nullptr) << "Fail to cast from geometry to mesh";
auto totalElementsMaster = meshMaster->getNumTetrahedra();
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